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Photo: Wikicommons

BooksJanuary 17, 2020

The Friday Poem: Kae and the Tohorā by essa may ranapiri

Photo: Wikicommons
Photo: Wikicommons

A new poem by Kirikiriroa poet essa may ranapiri.


Kae and the Tohorā


did u think of the taste of his                 blubber even as u sat upon


his great mammal form ?


think of   unmasking the slip of his      great flippers that churn           the salt troth of the sea


to reveal the bones of his             canine heritage so starkly


think of how

he tried to shift his


under the gravity of his


beneath the unkindness of ur blunt blows


the clack of it

dulled by flesh

shot through with glisten




listen as an echo of some

thing u didn’t understand


did u leave ur weapons in   the grit of the beach


to take to him with ur   teeth ?  all bared to the sun



all white after the meat has       found its way into ur




as tapu as a tomb

after all the blood has dried

into the sand

and the sand is pulled

back into the sea



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