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BooksMay 22, 2017

Snouts in troughs: who got what to write things few people will read


The latest literary funding grants from Creative New Zealand, featuring established novelists, literary festivals, and The Spinoff Review of Books.  

Where there’s a trough, there’s a snout. 248 applicants competed for the latest Creative New Zealand funding round, and requested a total of $7,486,318. Dream on! CNZ were able to award $2,032,544 in 92 grants. Among them were established novelists, literary festivals, and, for the second time, that old sponge, the Spinoff Review of Books.

As follows is the complete list from most to least.

The Pantograph Punch: $30,000

The biggest single grant goes to an online site for “editorial costs and contributor payments.”

Anthony Byrt: $28,000

Art writer and professional gambler, shortlisted for the non-fiction prize at last week’s Ockham New Zealand Book Awards; is writing a book about New Zealand and British art and literature in the 1960s.

The Spinoff: $25,000

“The editor’s fee, payments to contributors to write about New Zealand writers and literature, and project-specific administration costs.”

Emma Neale: $25,000

Poet and novelist, shortlisted for the fiction prize at last week’s Ockham New Zealand Book Awards; is writing and researching a novel.

Anne Kennedy: $25,000

Established writer, still famous for her remarkable short story “Jewel’s Darl” which the Listener published in the 1980s and freaked out a number of its readers; is attending the 2017 Iowa International Writers Programme.

Ian Wedde: $25,000

Established writer, author of the post-modern epic Symme’s Hole, still likely the best weirdest novel ever published in New Zealand; is writing and researching a historical novel based on 19th century German immigration to New Zealand.

Dame Fiona Kidman: $24,800

Much-loved novelist; is writing a novel exploring the life and death of Albert Black, the second-to-last person to be hanged in New Zealand.

Jonathan King: $24,000

Illustrated the cover for the new novel by Damien Wilkins; is completing a graphic novel for readers aged 8 to 12.

Airini Beautrais: $21,000

Youngish writer, winner of a Landfall essay competition; is writing a collection of short stories.

Tracy Farr: $20,000

Researching and writing the first draft of a novel, Wonderland.

Going West Trust: $20,000

Programming the 2017 Going West literary festival.

Morgan Godfery:$20,000

Researching and writing a history of dissent in New Zealand.

Margot Schwass: $16,185

Researching and writing a creative non-fiction work about the life of someone called Greville Texidor.

Wellington Treasure Trust: $15,000

Programming LitCrawl 2017.

Dunedin Fringe Arts Trust: $10,814

Presenting New Zealand writers at the 2017 Dunedin Young Writers Festival.

Oratia Media: $8000

Publishing The Camera in the Crowd: Filming New Zealand in Peace and War, 1895–1920, by Christopher Pugsley.

Huia publishers: $3000

Distributing a new publication, Matariki.

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