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MediaApril 13, 2023

A letter from The Spinoff editor Madeleine Chapman

the spinoff editor mad chapman on a blue background with pink speech bubble emoji containing ellipsis

If you value and love what we do, now is a good time to make it official.

Talofa lava,

Like many New Zealanders, I returned to work in January this year hoping for a bit of quiet. Not laziness, just normality. Three major news events later and an election on the horizon, I am now under no illusions that this will be another busy year for us here at The Spinoff. We have a big job ahead of us but we’re excited for it.

As a Spinoff reader, you know that The Spinoff is at its best during the big news events. Whether it be illustrated Covid communications, live news updates or fast-response explainers – we know how to provide the information people need without sensationalism. As we head further into an already eventful 2023, we have a big job ahead of us, so I ask you to consider deepening your commitment to The Spinoff and the work we do by becoming a Spinoff Member

We’re a fiercely independent media company in Aotearoa but that also means we’re small, and I think sometimes people forget how small our team is.

The Spinoff does not have a dedicated news squad or evening reporters. There’s no weekend crew. Which means when things happen, as they are wont to do, it’s a small group of us who take care of everything. When news breaks outside of regular working hours, we work and we want to do more. 

The Spinoff’s 2022 cover stories campaign.

There’s rural community stories that Chris Schulz is dying to tell. There’s press gallery visits for our political reporters to be in the thick of it. And there’s dozens of incredible writers I’d love you all to read, who just haven’t been given the chance.  

If you value and love what we do, I’m asking that you now make it official by becoming a Spinoff member. Support from Spinoff members through the pandemic helped us grow and evolve to meet the needs of our readers, and ensured we could be here to cover the big issues facing New Zealanders. Your support will allow us to continue delivering as we have for the past five years, while growing our coverage and keeping it freely available to all.

I understand that it is a tough time for many. Please know that we are grateful for any support you can provide, whether it be through donations or sharing our work with friends and whānau that may become members. 

Thank you for reading.

la manuia,


Editor of The Spinoff

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