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The World Bulletin

A world version of our popular newsletter The Bulletin written for The Spinoff Members and sent every Thursday. 


Comments on The Spinoff

Join the conversation. Members log into The Spinoff can get access to comments on selected articles. 


Less advertising

Members can log into The Spinoff and avoid all interruptive advertising – yes, including popups. 


The Firehose and RSS feed

Members have access to The Firehose, a simple feed of all our stories in date order, and an RSS feed.  


Access to events 

We love to invite members to our events, including live podcast recordings, advance film screenings and panel discussions. 



Members have the opportunity to help shape our coverage areas and improve our site with direct access to our editorial and product teams. 


Ensuring our stories are told

Of course the most important perk is that every dollar donated goes directly to making local journalism happen and ensuring the stories of Aotearoa are told. 


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