That Labour-Green deal, in 150 words

The confidence and supply deal that Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw signed yesterday comes in at seven pages, or an appositely sized PDF of 4.20 MB (not kidding).

Read the agreement proper here. And read the digested Labour-NZ First coalition deal here.

James Shaw with Jacinda Ardern. Photo: Labour Party

Boiled down, this is pretty much how it goes:

The MOU was actually good. Let’s do confidence, supply. No alarms, no surprises, such a pretty garden.

Time for change, except for the climate. Net zero emissions by 2050, and a $100 million Green Investment Fund, and 100% renewable electricity by 2035, if poss. A Zero Carbon Act and independent Climate Commission. Help the farmers learn to love being green.

Boost conservation funding by some unspecified amount. Delicately work towards a Kermadec Sanctuary using words like “best endeavours”.

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Light rail to Auckland airport. Ditch the East-West road. Hell, maybe even a green transport card?

End the bloody minded meanness in the welfare system. End the gender gap in the public sector. End cold, wet housing, end other bad things too if possible.

Add free mental health counselling for under-25s. Add a referendum on legalising pot. Add a rent-to-own scheme, even. Why not?

And a handful of ministerial warrants, outside cabinet.

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