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Survivor Australia

Pop CultureNovember 4, 2019

Meet the survivors of Survivor Australia: Champions V Contenders

Survivor Australia

Survivor Australia: Champions V Contenders is back and better than ever. We take a closer look at the famous and not-so-famous Aussies vying to become Sole Survivor.

There’s nothing more heartwarming than watching a bunch of Australians sit around a campfire while they metaphorically stab each other in the back, so it’s happy news that Survivor Australia is returning to our screens. We’re about to meet the 24 new players who’ve been shipped off to a deserted Pacific island, where over the next 50 days they’ll try to outwit, outlast and outplay their fellow contestants. The last player standing wins the coveted title of Sole Survivor and a cool $500,000, which will buy you a lot of rice and beans, FYI.

A classic hero vs underdog battle lies ahead, with players split into two tribes. The Champions are all Australian legends who’ve had huge successes in their chosen fields, while The Contenders are a bunch of regular Aussies who just love watching Survivor. Who will be voted off the island first? Who is the biggest legend, and who will be the last player standing?

Let’s meet the plucky players who can’t wait to brush their teeth with a twig.


Luke Toki, 33, People’s Champion

“I live for this shit,” says Luke, who’s returning to Survivor after winning Australia over in 2017. We all live for this shit, Luke, and when you see Luke hiding between two ferns and jumping out to surprise people, you’ll understand why Australia holds him so dear.

Pia Miranda, 45, Actor

Looking for Alibrandi? More like Looking for the Immunity Idol AM I RIGHT.

Ross Clarke-Jones, Professional Surfer

Ross is a big wave surfer who likes to ride 80 foot waves, was born on the 6/6/66 and has the nickname ‘Mad Dog’. Bless you, Straya.

Susie Maroney, 44, Marathon Swimmer

I once doggy paddled a width of the pool without my arm floaties and Susie Maroney once swam from Mexico to Cuba and I think we all know who among us deserves the title of Champion.

Abbey Holmes, 28, AFLW Premiership Winner

She’s an AFL legend and a real estate agent, which means Abbey will be good at both the physical game and making the campsite smell like hot coffee and freshly baked bread. Going once, twice, I’m sold.

Anastasia Woolmer, 42, Memory Athlete

If you can have Memory Athletes, can you also have Couch Athletes or Biscuit Athletes? Asking for a friend.

Andrew ‘ET’ Ettinghausen, 53, NRL Legend

International rugby league icon who may need to phone home at some point.

Steven Bradbury, 45, Olympic Speed Skater

He’s speedy, he’s skatey, he’s the four time Winter Olympian who won gold in 2002 after everyone else crashed out. Not much ice on a tropical beach, alas, so poor Steven may crash out sooner than he thinks.

David Genat, 39, International Model

Strong strategic game, even stronger Blue Steel.

Nova Peris, 48, Olympian and Politician

Nova was the first Aboriginal Australian to win an Olympic gold medal, represented Australia at multiple Olympics in multiple sports, and became the first Indigenous woman federal parliamentarian. She’s already outwitted, outplayed and outlasted before she steps foot on the island. Legend.

Janine Bliss, 53, CEO Powerhouse

“Failure is not an option,” says business guru Janine, who launched a juice bar that now has over 500 stores in 14 countries. Fruit! Look how far it gets you.

Simon Black, 39, AFL Superstar

I dunno. Good ball skills? Likes a snazzy singlet? Go, Simon, go.


Matt, 29, Teacher/Wrestler

By day he’s a history teacher, by night he’s a pro wrestler called Matty Wahlberg. History shows a Wahlberg brother has never won Survivor, so fingers crossed for Matt that Donny, Marky Mark and the rest of the Funky Bunch are behind him.

John, 28, Gold Miner

He who holds the mullet holds the power. Ask the Honey Badger, ask Goliath, ask anyone.

Andy, 47, Marketing Executive

Andy calls himself “the ultimate conman” who’s spent two decades mastering the art of Survivor deception. Whatever, his visor game is strong and we’re here for it.

Harry, 30, Ice Cream Maker

“I LOVE ICE CREAM,” says Harry and do not pass go, do not collect $200, go straight to the final three, please and thank you.

Baden, 23, PhD Student

He’s the youngest contestant and definitely the smartest. “People will see me as someone who’s a bit lanky, pale and nerdy,” Baden reckons, but give the man a some rice and beans on a deserted beach and the world is his oyster.

Laura, 31, Digital Marketing Executive

Marketing whiz Laura loves a pie chart as much as she loves speaking her mind, so underestimate this 4”9 pocket rocket at your peril. Also, never underestimate a pie chart. Or a pie.

Casey, 30, Teacher

Casey came on Survivor to push herself out of her comfort zone, because she loves feeling “comfortably uncomfortable”. Wait until she tries to swim one width of the pool without arm floaties, it’s intense.

Hannah, 27, Police Officer

She’s a police officer who says she’s going to lie about being a police officer. Is that allowed? Calling 111, ASAP.

Sam, 30, Casino Gaming Manager

“This isn’t my first rodeo,” says Sam, who competed in The Amazing Race: Australia in 2011. Sam’s job at the Crown Casino means she’ll have tricks up her sleeves and she’ll play her cards right and sorry, too many puns, I can’t deal.

Sarah, 45, Cleaner

Having survived the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, Sarah’s already a survivor, so she’s playing this game with no fear. It’s a good approach, especially if joker Luke jumps out at her from behind two ferns.

Daisy, 24, Travel Agent

Daisy wants to prove to everyone that she can win Survivor. I believe in you, Daisy. The odds aren’t in your favour and you’re actually competing against world champions and mad dogs but Daisy, YOU GOT THIS.

Shaun, 31, Retired AFL player

Is everyone in Australia an AFL player?

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