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Director of health Ashley Bloomfield (Illustration: Simon Chesterman)
Director of health Ashley Bloomfield (Illustration: Simon Chesterman)

ScienceApril 3, 2020

Covid-19: New Zealand cases mapped and charted, April 3

Director of health Ashley Bloomfield (Illustration: Simon Chesterman)
Director of health Ashley Bloomfield (Illustration: Simon Chesterman)

The fifth in our new series of charts, graphics and data visualisations by Chris McDowall, covering the Covid-19 epidemic within New Zealand. We’ll publish the latest set each day on The Spinoff.

This work is entirely funded by the generosity of The Spinoff Members

Information about confirmed and probable cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand is changing rapidly. These posts collate the most recent statistics and presents them as charts and maps. The Ministry of Health typically publishes data updates in the early afternoon, which describe the situation at 9am on the day of release. The Spinoff will release a new version of these data visualisations each day in the immediate aftermath of the Ministry of Health updates. They will evolve and refine over the coming days and weeks.

These data visualisations are interactive – use your mouse or thumb to hover over each graph for more detail.

Note for users of The Spinoff App: the charts are not supported within the app yet. An update is imminent, but in the meantime please click here to launch in a separate browser window.

This afternoon’s Ministry of Health figures report that the number of active Covid-19 cases stands at 868 (772 confirmed cases and 96 probable). A total of 103 people have recovered, an increase of 11 over the last 24 hours. Dr Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of health, provided further clarity on what “recovered” means:

  1. At least 10 days have passed since the onset of symptoms, and
  2. The person has been symptom-free for at least 48 hours

The ministry also reported averaging 2,041 Covid-19 lab tests per day during the week ending April 2. A total of 29,485 lab tests have been conducted to date. Yesterday 3,446 tests were processed, the greatest volume in a single day.

A few people have sent suggestions about alternative ways to present this data. I will experiment over the weekend and may alter how some charts look for Monday’s update.

This symbol map shows confirmed and probable Covid-19 cases arranged by district health board. Southern (131), Waikato (125), Auckland (120) and Waitemata (117) remain the four District Health Boards with the largest number of active cases. Capital and Coast trails in fifth position with 66 cases. Hover over or click the dots to see more detailed data.

The ministry reports publicly on clusters of 10 or more cases. Note that all clusters are investigated by public health officials, irrespective of size.

Today the ministry reported ten significant clusters, up from six yesterday. Eight of these clusters grew overnight. The largest increase related to a Southland event, which recorded 19 new cases in the last 24 hours.

This bar chart displays confirmed and probable cases by the date of report. The values look reasonably stable, exhibiting no worrying increases nor clear reductions. Remember that bars near the righthand side of the chart tend to get revised up over subsequent reporting days.

The shape of the age profile breakdown remains largely unchanged since yesterday. Confirmed cases increased across all groups, with the exception of Under 1, 5–9s and Over 70s.

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