vaccination rates by suburb
vaccination rates by suburb

SocietyJanuary 12, 2022

The vaccination rate for every suburb in New Zealand on an interactive map

vaccination rates by suburb
vaccination rates by suburb

Maps showing the vaccination rate for every suburb* in the country, updated weekly. Built by the Spinoff’s head of data, Harkanwal Singh.

These maps display the most recent available data, released on Wednesday, January 12.

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These maps are made using Ministry of Health data on the vaccination uptake across the country. In the maps below, the first and second dose uptake rate is shown as a percentage of that area’s population. This data uses eligible population for proportion, and so excludes children aged 0 to 11. The population denominator we use is based on Health Service User numbers provided by the Ministry of Health.

This map is updated every Wednesday with every vaccine data release and is now displaying the data released on January 12, along with the percentage change since last week.

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In areas with particularly low populations, the results are suppressed for privacy reasons (displayed on the maps below as “null”). In a few areas, you might get a vaccination count over 100%, owing to population movements. You can zoom into specific areas and hover or click to see vaccination proportion for all population groups. See all the details for an area by hovering, or clicking on it.

This page now includes a searchable table for better accessibility and a trend chart for every suburb. Both are available below the maps.

This area doesn’t look like a suburb. What is it?

The geography is called Statistical Area 2. The SA2 geography aims to reflect communities that interact together socially and economically. In populated areas, SA2s generally contain similarly sized populations.

Why are you not calling it Statistical Area 2 in the headline?

It makes for a really long headline and no one knows what they are.

Where can I learn more about these strange geographies?

Here you go.

The vaccination rates have gone down for my suburb. How is this possible?

Counting people is hard. Ministry of Health estimate for population number has most likely changed. This means now the base for vaccination uptake in your area has changed.

Maps made with Flourish

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