The Bulletin: Will lockdown lift this weekend?

Cabinet to decide on lifting lockdown today, questions raised about the stability of the housing market, and people instinctively respond to tsunami threat after earthquake.

Live updates, March 4: No new community cases; lodger staying ‘home alone’ in Covid-19 family’s house

The latest on the new Covid-19 outbreak and the return into lockdown.

Not just a bump in the road: Performing artists on lockdown’s cruel blows

The move to level three in Auckland, and level two across the rest of the country, has once more thrown the live arts into disarray.

The Bulletin: White gold flowing as dairy prices jump sharply

Massive jump in global dairy auction prices, PM under pressure over Case L contradiction, and long-running Dirty Politics legal battle comes to an end.

Covid-19 Archive

New Zealand’s Covid-19 vaccine programme is still largely a secret

The government is yet to release any detailed roadmap for when most people will get a vaccine.

Live updates, March 3: Hipkins backs PM’s contradictory Case L comments; no new community cases

The latest on the new Covid-19 outbreak and the return into lockdown.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: The symptoms of the UK Covid variant, in seven languages

How to recognise possible symptoms of the new B.1.1.7 variant of Covid-19, in illustrated form, in seven different languages. Our Covid-19 coverage is funded by The Spinoff Members. To support the …

The Bulletin: Pharmac review unlikely to give patient advocates what they want

Pharmac review unlikely to give patient advocates what they want, feedback shows confusion on managed isolation communication, and National wants more generous Covid leave scheme.

If we’re serious about public health, the government must keep a critical promise

At the heart of our Covid-19 response has been recognising health and economic goals are intertwined. That calls for an independent Public Health Agency.

Bad vibes for spirituality festival as ticket holders refused refunds due to Covid

'It’s pretty ironic they’re called NZ Spirit Festival when it feels very out of the New Zealand spirit to do this.'

People are confused. So what are the rules on testing and self-isolation?

We asked our readers what they’d been told – and sought to clarify what the rules really are.

Live updates, March 2: Report into police culture finds bullying rife; some MIQ fees to increase

The latest on the new Covid-19 outbreak and the return into lockdown.

‘You don’t know their lives’: A call for empathy from The Aunties’ Jackie Clark

'It’s too easy to make assumptions: they didn't listen, they didn’t do as they were told. But there are so many other variables.'

Tips to keep your children engaged while not destroying yourself during lockdown

Across about a third of the country, parents are staring, empty eyed, into the middle distance, while their beloved kids unleash a special hell around them.

The Bulletin: Self-isolation system under heavy scrutiny

Good morning and welcome to The Bulletin. In today's edition: Self-isolation system under heavy scrutiny, first home deposit requirements rising rapidly, and should South Auckland get vaccine first? The government's leave …

The trouble with demands for a police crackdown on Covid isolation rule-dodgers

There are legal and moral issues around enforcement for failing to properly isolate. But if our goal is stamping out Covid, don't overlook the unintended consequences.