Mystic paranoia: How conspiracy theories infiltrated the NZ new age community

Belief we tend to associate with the fringes of US society have torn a swathe through Aotearoa’s traditionally easy-going if occasionally oddball community of hippies, yoga teachers, and spiritual festival-goers.

The Bulletin: Decision day for mandatory masking

Decision day for mandatory masking, NZ signs on to major Asian trade deal, and Trump’s Kiwi sits down for extensive interview.

Why it’s such an ordeal for retail and hospo staff to call in sick

Speculation surrounding the new Covid-19 community case has cast a light on the pressure many workers face every day.

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Siouxsie Wiles: Koch’s postulates, Covid, and misinformation rabbit holes

Take a 19th century German scientist, a 21st century disease and add internet: the result is a dangerous upsurge in Covid-denial nonsense.

The Bulletin: Auckland to learn today about alert level change

Rapid response taken to new community Covid case, calls for urgency on sick leave increase, and the situation internationally.

A colder, darker lockdown: The view from London as the UK closes down, again

So much has changed since the UK's last lockdown earlier this year, writes New Zealander in London George Fenwick – but also, not much at all.

Live updates, November 12: New community case; Auckland CBD workers asked to work from home

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.

The Bulletin: Housing kingpins safe for now after Reserve Bank changes

Property market set for scorching summer after Reserve Bank announcements, National makes big reshuffle, and Auckland Council facing much bigger deficit.

Why the stock market shot up after the vaccine announcement

With a Covid-19 vaccine potentially on the horizon, here's how the markets reacted to the news.

The Bulletin: Rain still falling in hard-hit Napier

Rain still falling in hard-hit Napier, Covid-19 vaccine news comes with a catch, and government’s books in a better shape than expected.

Siouxsie Wiles: The vaccine news is great, but here’s the catch

Siouxsie Wiles takes on some important questions around this promising development.

Live updates, November 10: Shane Reti elected National’s deputy; one new Covid-19 case

All the latest news from New Zealand, updated throughout the day.