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A new year on NZ TV: Jesse Mulligan has a carrot and he’s on a ‘path to hotness’

Tara Ward tuned in to the first episodes of Breakfast, The AM Show, The Project NZ and Seven Sharp to find out just what the New Year would bring.

Astar from Good Morning is still the craft queen of New Zealand

Alex Casey spends an afternoon with Astar, morning television superstar turned Youtube extraordinaire. 

Sad: The Spinoff TV ends tonight at 10.45pm on Three

It's our hour-long finale with live music, guests and hot, hot curry. What could possibly go wrong? 

Mike Puru ascends to morning television heaven in The Café

Calum Henderson sat down to watch The Café, a morning show set in a café.

Good Night to Good Morning: “I Don’t Want This Day to End” – The Poignant, Magical Finale of Good Morning

Good Morning has sung its last song, danced its last dance, and broadcast its last advertorial. Calum Henderson watched the lights go down on a New Zealand TV icon.

Good Night to Good Morning: A Former Good Morning Staffer Remembers the Glory Years – and Reveals the Truth about ‘the Fart’

‘Good Night to Good Morning’ is a three part series farewelling the iconic TVNZ variety show, which ends this morning. In part two, former employee Robyn Gallagher recalls how Good Morning once enthralled a nation.

Good Night to Good Morning: Steve Braunias was Haunted by the Ghosts of Presenters Past as a Guest on Good Morning

'Good Night to Good Morning' is a three part series farewelling the iconic TVNZ variety show. In part one, Steve Braunias recalls a recent appearance on a show that once gave him cakes and grapes, and always gave New Zealand reliably good viewing.

Television: The Spinoff’s TV Week – Natural Woes, Wild Gaming Fantasies and Creepy Live Burials

"Is this how Good Morning ends – with Suzanne Paul killing everyone in an intense Shakespearean suicide pact?"

Television: The Spinoff’s TV Week – Bad Neighbours, Block Blackouts and Bieber’s Belly

Bringing together the best, worst and weirdest TV moments of the week, including Heather vs Bieber and the loss of some local gems.

Recap: The Men’s Panel on Good Morning Tackle Grumpy Women Once and For All

"You’d think they were giving tips on using voice commands to control a dysfunctional Furby, not ways to communicate with another equal adult human."

Every Morning is a Good Morning: A Week With NZ’s Most Enduring Lifestyle Show

Calum Henderson watched Good Morning every day for a week, and recorded every joyful moment of the bizarre lifestyle show. // If Judy Bailey was the mother of the nation, then …