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Because you really should have watched Friday Night Lights by now.

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One megafan's love letter to the groundbreaking sci-fi TV series The X-Files, which turns twenty-five today

David Farrier goes to the David Duchovny show, alone

Last night David Farrier took himself to see one of his non-musical heroes, X-Files star David Duchovny, play music. Here's what happened.

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David Farrier chats to Kumail Nanjiani about going from hosting an X-Files podcast to being on the show itself.

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After bonding over their shared love of The X-Files and cryptids, David Farrier speaks to pal Rhys Darby about how he ended up on Farrier's favourite show.

Is television hiding the next James Bond?

Paul Williams, The Spinoff's resident James Bond expert, places his bets for the new Bond based on the likely contenders lurking on our TV screens.

“I felt ripped off” – David Farrier on the tumultuous tenth season of The X-Files

The X Files is known for both its brilliance and dreadful inconsistency, but did the latest episode drop the ball completely? David Farrier laments what has happened to his favourite show.

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José Barbosa wraps on a tinfoil hat and unearths the hidden meaning in the trailer for the new 2016 X-Files reboot.

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This week, Alex Casey and Duncan Greive mine the extensive Lightbox catalogue to find the best shows of the '90s and argue why they are just as relevant as the fancy new shows.

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With the huge Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul arriving exclusively to Lightbox in February 2015, Alex Casey looks at the disturbing television timeline of cast member Michael McKean.// Playing Saul Goodman's brother Chuck in …

Trick or Treat: Your Spooky Halloween Reading

Trying to read everything on the internet can be a bit like trying to high-five a ghost, you will never manage and you will look like an idiot doing it. …

Throwback Thursday: Bryan Cranston meets Vince Gilligan on The X-Files

David Farrier reflects on how a pivotal X-Files casting decision eventually led to Bryan Cranston's explosive role on Breaking Bad.// It was 1998 and I was 15 years old. It was season …

Three Perfect Episodes: The X-Files

X-Files obsessive David Farrier chronicles the show's strengths through three very different episodes of the sci-fi classic. // “I don't know anybody in the world working in film, and that's what we work …