These people confidently expect they'll get a perfect score – they won't. (Getty Images)

The Bulletin’s 2019 Year in News Quiz

Good morning, and welcome to The Bulletin’s 2019 Year in News Quiz. 

How closely did you follow the news this year? To manage this quiz, the answer might have to be extremely closely.

2019 was a dramatic, and often relentlessly terrible year. There were tragedies and triumphs, earth-shatteringly important events, major pieces of law passed and knocked back, geopolitically significant elections. Climate change protests erupted in a rapidly warming world, and we constantly wondered if today would be the day Donald Trump would push the big red button.

But this quiz isn’t really about any of that. Rather, it’s about the bits and pieces that fell in the gaps. The details that you half remember but know are definitely important, and the strange, surreal and sordid stories that stuck in the mind – well, my mind at least.

If you’ve absorbed every single story in every single edition of The Bulletin this year, don’t worry – this quiz will be absolutely simple for you. If not, well, perhaps you have a healthier relationship with the news than I do.

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