It's the best of the best of Britain's Got Talent, and they're reuniting to fight it out, gladiator-style.

10 of the most bonkers acts to ever grace Britain’s Got Talent

Before Britain’s Got Talent: Champions hits our screens tonight, let’s take a fond look back at some of the show’s weirdest and most wonderful acts.

Place your hands on your Golden Buzzer, because Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions kicks off this weekend. Champions is BGT bigger and better than it’s been before, an international extravaganza featuring some of the most memorable and beloved BGT performers since the show began in 2007. It promises so much talent that Britain will probably run out of gold confetti, and so many astonishing acts that poor Amanda Holden will be an emotional wreck by the season’s end, a shell of her former golden self. I can’t wait.

BGT: The Champions is the talent Olympics, with old mates like Paul Potts, Ashleigh and Sully (RIP Pudsey), Stavros Flatley, Boogie Storm, Richard Jones, The Mersey Girls, and Lost Voice Guy returning to compete for the £100,000 prize. Simon Cowell has cast his talent net far and wide, pulling in Talent stars from Asia, Italy, Germany and America to compete against the best of British. It’s jazz hands across the oceans, it’s jazz hands farting out the Ghostbusters theme tune. Who will be the most champion-y of them all?

It could be anyone or anything, because BGT is a gloriously unpredictable bag of tricks. It’s the only show where comedians, magicians, dancers and school choirs all share the same stage. Sure, some have more talent than others, but BGT success isn’t just about natural ability. BGT embraces the weird and wonderful, it wraps its big old David Walliams arms around the bizarre and brilliant, and if you think a grown man in an Olaf suit doing interpretive dance to ‘Let it Go’ doesn’t take talent, then you are sadly mistaken. Simon: that’s a yes from me.  

Britain’s Got Talent is the most reliably entertaining show on television, and to celebrate the premiere of Champions, we’ve handpicked ten of the most memorable acts to ever grace the BGT stage.

Glittering Gonzo is full of joy

I could watch this all day, every day. Grab your kitchen tongs and dance like nobody’s watching, because Glittering Gonzo is here to give tambourines and tongs their long overdue moment in the spotlight. Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture, Glittering Gonzo.

Jonathan Goodwin dodges crossbows while blindfolded

You know when BGT warns “don’t try this at home” that it’s going to be good. This act has it all: incredible tension, stainless steel blindfolds, and David Walliams as a superhero. Also, the sound of the running water will make you want to pee, so please keep a picture of David Walliams on your lap at all times.  

Susan Boyle’s astonishing audition

Susan Boyle is the greatest success story of Britain’s Got Talent, and this audition in 2009 shows the transformative power of the show. Susan walked onto the BGT stage as an ordinary person from a tiny village in Scotland, revealed the voice of an angel, and came off a superstar. She dreamed her dream and it came true, just like I dream of one day being able to fart the Rocky soundtrack with my hands. Susan Boyle is a BGT legend, and no matter how long ago it was or how many times you watch it, this moment is pure magic. 

Wiggle Wine

Donchez from Wolverhampton made the world sit up and take notice with this performance, which took him all the way to the 2018 finals. Are the lyrics terrible? Yes. Is it up there with the Pete Waterman hits of the ‘80s? Of course not. Can I stop singing it? NEVER. The BGT gods rained down a torrent of gold confetti and they’ve not stopped wiggling and wining ever since.

Hypnodog: watch at your own risk

I watched this act four times and fell asleep EVERY TIME. If that’s not proof pets hold a superior hypnotic power over humans then please wiggle and wine your body away immediately.


So bendy it should be illegal. 

Lorraine Bowen is good at cooking crumble

“My bingo wings are out there!” Those bingo wings are calling to me and 12 million views on YouTube can’t be wrong. Lorraine’s a legend, just like her crumble. 

The Vardanyan Brothers like to balance upside down

One wrong move from these acrobats and we are officially up shit talent creek, which is why BGT is so bloody entertaining. These two stick swords in their gullets so we don’t have to and contort themselves into strange positions so we can lie prone on the couch at home, eating chips and marvelling over the power of the human body. Bless their hearts and bless their hamstrings. 

2016 winner Richard Jones makes a cup of tea out of some ice cold fizz

Look, he’s not balancing 11 patio chairs on his chin, but Richard Jones’ magic is so mind blowing that you’ll need a cup of tea in a can and some of Lorraine’s crumble to recover. 

Man shows off a plastic bag full of his certificates and achievements

Because we all have talents, in our own unique ways.

Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions premieres on TVNZ 1 at 8.05pm on Saturday, 7 December.

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