The hilarious, stressful, hidden world of menstruation | On the Rag: Periods (full episode)

Hold onto your tampon strings, this is the first episode of the On the Rag webseries. Hosted by Alex Casey, Leonie Hayden and Michele A’Court, we’ll be diving into the hilarious, messy, stressful, hidden world of periods.

Leonie goes on a journey to rediscover what her Māori ancestors called Te Awa Atua ’the divine river' and talks to Michele Wilson of I am Eva. Special thanks to Ngahuia Murphy, whose research and matauranga on Te Awa Atua forms the basis of the story (you can read more about her work here:

Alex delves into the history of sanitary product advertising in New Zealand, and Michele breaks down the numbers on period poverty. We are also joined in the studio by Amanda Chapman from The United Sustainable Sisters, who shows us how to sew our own reusable pads.

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