Catherine Hart

Catherine Hart is a writer and theatre maker from Wellington. Writing has been a huge part of her life from the very beginning. She has always been fascinated by words and the ways in which they can affect individuals. Catherine is especially interested in creating work about personal experiences with intersectional feminism and sustainability. Most of her work is focussed around encouraging people to be themselves, in whichever form that may take.

Jan 15, 2019

The Big Bang Theory is a parade of lovable assholes – and I'm over it

It's the most popular sitcom on television, and it's full of supposedly loveable, always male, assholes. Catherine Hart explains why she's not watching The Big Bang Theory or its ilk anymore.

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Jul 30, 2018

Baby Mania: when the desire to be a mother comes long before it's realistic

Baby on your brain? Catherine Hart talks about her yearning need to be a mum. Have you ever experienced a craving for anything other than food? Perhaps a desire for a …

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