Donna Miles-Mojab

Donna Miles-Mojab is an Iranian New Zealander interested in justice and human rights issues. She lives in Christchurch and works as a freelance journalist.

Mar 18, 2019

Practical steps to protect ourselves from the scourge of hate

After the vigils, the flowers, the messages, and the grief, what happens next? Donna Miles-Mojab, an Iranian New Zealander, has a list of simple yet practical steps all New Zealanders can take.

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Jan 23, 2017

Ban the burqa? An Iranian-New Zealander on why it would be undemocratic and counterproductive

Burqas are so rare in New Zealand that most of us have likely never seen one in real life, but that didn't stop TVNZ asking online readers whether they should be banned outright. Let's worry less about how women choose to dress and more about the ongoing vilification of Muslims in the media, says Donna Miles-Mojab.

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