Holly Dixon

Holly researches romantic relationships and wellbeing, occasionally lectures, and is currently building a social venture called "Togetherly". Her mission is to help people have healthier, happier relationships. You can follow her and Togetherly on Instagram using the following handles: @holaylay or @togetherlyglobal.

Oct 15, 2019

Why the 'love science' behind MAFS is completely bogus

Relationship expert Holly Dixon explains why the entire Married at First Sight franchise is based on bunk science.

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May 19, 2019

What Game of Thrones can teach us about healthy romantic relationships

Over its eight seasons, Game of Thrones demonstrated some of the most screwed up inter-personal relationships ever shown on screen. But there were some bright spots, says relationship expert Holly Dixon.

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Apr 9, 2019

A relationship expert on Married at First Sight's c-bomb (not that one)

Silly reality show? Sure. A case study for evidence-based relationship science? Okay! Holly Dixon analyses the relationships of Married at First Sight Australia.

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