Julienne Molineaux

Julienne Molineaux is the Director of The Policy Observatory at AUT University.

Local Elections
Oct 17, 2019

Online voting as the big fix for low turnout is not a brainwave, it's a brainfart

Yes, there’s a problem, but we should regard any suggestion of a single, simple solution with deep suspicion.

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Local Elections
Sep 29, 2019

What are DHB elections and can we get rid of them? A Spinoff explainer

If you’ve ever voted in a local election, you’ll know the confusion, boredom, and anger that comes from trying to fill out the DHB section of your ballot.

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Local Elections
Jul 1, 2019

There's a land in the South Pacific where you can vote based on owning property

Julienne Molineaux explains a strange relic in the local body electoral system.

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May 24, 2017

Is ‘social investment’ just a warm and fuzzy cloak for seeking to shrink the state?

Budget 2017: Bill English has been trumpeting the "social investment approach" as a core part of his thinking, and it underpins much of this week's budget. For economist Simon Chapple, however, it amounts to a rhetorical banner that obscures standard centre-right political goals

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