Kiki Van Newtown

Kiki Van Newtown is the parent of two kids, and raises them on a diet of hashbrowns, soysages, and feminist discourse in the upper Lower Hutt.

What it’s like to grow up poor in New Zealand

The recent conversations about parenting while poor have been deeply upsetting to many of those who have lived that experience. Here Kiki Van Newtown, mum of two and musician, shares what it is like growing up on welfare with a mum trying her very best under awful circumstances.

Born being brave: My unexpected journey as a parent

Over the next couple of weeks we'll be introducing you to contributors to The Spinoff Parents, our new parenting blog edited by Emily Writes and made possible by Flick Electric Co. Today Kiki Van-Newton explains how her rock 'n roll lifestyle was turned upside down by the birth of her first child.