Neesha Bremner

Evolving journalist Neesha Bremner is a purveyor of words, images, and other incidental things. Neesha is dipping her toes back into the pool of Kiwi life after six years living between Australia and Nepal where she researched the links between paid volunteering in orphanages and child trafficking alongside other documentary projects, co-producing and street photography. She's also been known to work in the higher and vocational education sector.

Jul 18, 2018

Travelling with the dead: One final journey with my grandmother

Neesha Bremner writes of my grandmother's past and her journey to the place she was happiest.

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Jan 26, 2017

Gloriously childless and happy AF: Why you need a Spinster Aunt

Women who are childless or child-free face a lot of judgement. But little is said about just how much joy and wonder can be found in being an aunty. Neesha Bremner shares her views on her role as a self-described Spinster Aunt and the happiness it brings her.

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