Richard Simpson

Richard Simpson left Auckland Regional Public Health Service, moved out of Auckland and bought a 10-acre lifestyle block with his wife and daughter in the Central North Island shortly after the election of Donald Trump. He is still trying to convince family and friends that he has not become a prepper. Richard can be found via The opinions in this article are his own.

Sep 4, 2021

Mapping order in the chaos: a view from the pale blue dot

Awe is everywhere. Amid a pandemic and surrounded by uncertainty, how can we turn it to our advantage?

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Apr 13, 2020

How do you prepare for a pandemic?

Conspiracy theorists love to point out emergency exercises happening in proximity to real events. That only demonstrates how frequently these drills take place.

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Mar 23, 2020

This is history

What we choose to do over the next few weeks could define our lives.

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Mar 16, 2020

Some practical steps for workplaces in a Covid-19 world

Amid the maelstrom you can introduce some simple practical measures for health and infection control.

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Mar 6, 2020

Covid-19 is going nowhere. Here’s what every New Zealander can do

If we truly have a robust plan for Covid-19, there are three ways to take it to the next level.

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Feb 6, 2020

Novel Coronavirus: confessions of a recovering NZ pandemic planner

A plane-load of evacuees arrived in Auckland yesterday from Wuhan. They'll go into quarantine. But what does that mean, in practice?

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