Sharon Lam

Sharon Lam is the author of the new, hilarious novel Lonely Asian Woman (Lawrence & Gibson, $29), available at Unity Books.

Oct 24, 2021

Creeping beauty: An appreciation of moss

The weird flat plant has been unloved for too long.

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The Sunday Essay
Sep 19, 2021

The Sunday Essay: On keeping a notes app

In a world of curated social media feeds, Sharon Lam revisits the chaos of her notes app.

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Aug 8, 2021

The unmitigated joy of never again having to do athletics day

With the Olympics coming to a close this weekend, Sharon Lam reflects on another proud sporting tradition she'd rather forget. 

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The Sunday Essay
Jun 13, 2021

The Sunday Essay: What it means to miss Hong Kong

On leaving one home for another, and lamenting a loss.

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Mar 26, 2019

Lonely Asian woman seeks lonely Asian women

Everyone heads to the internet to dispel loneliness and boredom. Sharon Lam headed there in search of lonely Asian women, and found them everywhere she looked.

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