The Friday Poem: ‘Yes or No’ by Steven Toussaint

New poetry by Auckland writer Steven Toussaint.


Yes or No


Are you happy

with your service




Have you contemplated




competitive prices?


Are you in the market

for something like


but not precisely

eternal return?


Have you been waiting long

in our baffled room?



Did you retain

a trace


of transmigration

somewhere like a scar


inside your





Do you think birds feel

the seism?



Are you reading enough

of the novel



the genuine



our nationwide



to kneeling?



Are you still listening


to poets

who listened


to Coltrane


laugh and framed

vocations around that


brazen ascesis?



Is there someone

in your family


we can call

to drive you home,


a flyover town


waiting around

for potable


blood to flow,

for prescription


prices to drop on

crushed up rocks


from the moon?



Are you watching

not a little



as advertising



slowly embalm


the once

in a century mind


of your favourite



on Twitter?



Can you hear

the siren


everything we ask you



flatter you now


beneath the waves

of what we need


to tell you?

Are you


sitting down?



Steven Toussaint, 2018

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