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BusinessAugust 12, 2021

Business is Boring: Employee experience and why it’s so important

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Simon Pound talks to Samantha Gadd about how HR is changing, and why she’s starting the Employee Experience Design School.

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We’ve talked a lot to leaders about their success on Business is Boring. But as any of these leaders would tell you, success is not just a leader thing – it’s created by the team you have around you. And attracting great talent to make these teams has perhaps never been so hard.

With remote working now, often you aren’t just competing against your local market, but the whole world. Attracting the right talent, creating the conditions for them to excel and encouraging them to stay with the company – a lot of this comes down to the employee experience. But what exactly is it – and how do you get a good one?

This week’s guest Samantha Gadd founded Humankind about 10 years ago as a new kind of HR, people and culture company. She believes employee experience isn’t something leaders alone should be deciding – it’s the people in the company that can best understand and design the ideal set-up.

Humankind has specialised over time to focus on the growing area of employee experience, helping some of our biggest, best and most successful organisations – from growth companies like Sharesies or Supreme coffee through to government departments – design better culture to get better results.

Having recently stepped out of the CEO role to start the specialist Employee Experience (EX) Design School, Samantha joined Business is Boring this week to talk about her journey, the growing role of EX design in business and how HR is changing.

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