Outlander recap: Jamie and Claire show a bear who’s boss

The new world ain't so new anymore - especially when you're killing bears who might not actually be bears, and when your Mum has already been there for approximately two hundred years. Tara Ward recaps episode four of season four of Outlander.

Outlander recap: Two Frasers and a donkey named Clarence

Claire finds the foundation for her very own American Dream, while Brianna encounters second wave feminism – same difference, right? Tara Ward recaps episode three of season four of Outlander.

The best cult TV classics to stream on Lightbox right now

Inarguably the best sports drama of all time, Friday Night Lights, dropped in its entirety on Lightbox last week. Sam Brooks on why you should watch it – and the other cult classics you might not know are on the service.

Outlander recap: You’re not in Scotland anymore, Dorothy

Claire and Jamie aren't in Lallybroch anymore. They're in Kansas (or somewhere south of there). Tara Ward recaps the second episode of season four of Outlander.

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What is Scandi-drama and how do I get into it?

You've heard of them. All your cool friends and your coolest aunt watches them – but what the hell are these blonde dramas with subtitles? Sam Brooks is here to school you on Scandi-noir.

Outlander just made a bloody strong (and sexy) return

Tara Ward recaps the rollicking premiere of Outlander season four, available exclusively on Lightbox. Contains major spoilers.

A tale of survival: I watched 42 episodes of Outlander in a week

They said he couldn't do it, but what else are you going to do in seven days? Sam Brooks watched 42 episodes of Outlander in a single week to catch up before the fourth season premiere tonight on Lightbox.

Outlander: Is Jamie and Claire’s relationship worth all the drama?

Time travel, a bleak dalliance with the French King, and some dubious flatmates – is Jamie and Claire's relationship actually worth it? The Spinoff's senior fictional relationship expert Madeleine Chapman passes judgement.

New to Lightbox: The Outlander Viking Spy Who Dumped Me, And Also A Big Shark

Your Northern hemisphere favourites are back this month (Outlander and Vikings) but there be gold on these here Lightbox shores too, yarr. The Spinoff staff run through what's new to Lightbox in the month of November.

How to do your 2018 TV Halloween costumes right, according to an actual costume designer

Halloween is coming up, and you're panicking. We know, and we're here to help. Costume designer Christopher Stratton has your solutions, both easy and not!

A love letter to my childhood tormentors: The Big Fresh Vegetables

In episode two of Get It to Te Papa, a Lightbox Original made by The Spinoff, Hayden Donnell goes in search of the animatronic veges that instilled both delight and horror in '90s kids across the nation.

The Spinoff and Lightbox presents… Get It to Te Papa

Get It to Te Papa follows journalist Hayden Donnell on an ambitious quest to collect underappreciated Kiwi cultural artefacts and get them into New Zealand’s national museum, Te Papa.

New to Lightbox in October: The Spinoff’s very own show and more!

A bee-based riff on The Hunger Games, a remake of your favourite problematic 80s film, and The Spinoff's very own new doco-series. This is what's new to Lightbox in October!

Your Lightbox TV survival guide to the school holidays

It’s school holiday time again, and to help us survive the next two weeks of quality time with the fruits of our loins, we must turn to everything that is right and fair about the world: the television. 

Spinoff Investigation: Who is the Goodest Doctor of them all? (WATCH)

Chris Warner, House, Shaun Murphy, Meredith Grey, Mindy Lahiri – there are a lot of doctors on our television, but who is the goodest? Madeleine Chapman investigates, and the results may surprise you.

I binged The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings films in one weekend

To celebrate Hobbit Day (September 22), Alex Casey binges the entirety of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings trilogies on Lightbox.