Can a crossword be racist?

When Hannah Yang complained about a racist clue in the daily paper, she was reminded of the prevalence of casual racism in New Zealand.

Sky’s huge rugby rights win: everything you need to know

A unique deal saw Sky buy the rugby rights and sell some of itself to NZ Rugby. Trevor McKewen breaks down what it all means.

Why Jennifer Lopez deserves an Oscar for Hustlers

Jennifer Lopez gives the performance of her career in Hustlers, and mark Sam Brooks' words, she's going to get an Oscar for it. And it's long overdue, he writes.

Call me by your name: the personalised Skinny ads freaking people out

Some TVNZ OnDemand viewers have reported feeling alarmed at a series of personalised ads calling them out by their names. So how does it work? Jihee Junn finds out.

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Spark just swiped the cricket rights. What does that mean for Sky – and you?

Even bigger than the Rugby World Cup, Spark’s acquisition of six years of local cricket signals the end of a sporting era – and that the telco giant is deadly serious about sports.

Review: the new Vodafone TV is the last box you’ll ever buy for your telly

Vodafone TV is yet another damn thing to plug into your television – but one you really should take a look at.

Big strong media men bravely shout at teenager trying to save world

The big boys are here and they want to make it clear: they do not like young women yelling at them.

Critic magazine: the controversial covers

We asked some of Critic Te Arohi's best and brightest to tell us the tales behind their most controversial covers.

What Spark’s streaming issues mean for the future of rugby in New Zealand

Could Spark’s Rugby World Cup streaming failure force a pragmatic alliance with Sky to live within their means and prevent New Zealand Rugby gouging them?

Finally: A climate change documentary that won’t make you feel like shit

Alex Casey watches 2040, a climate change documentary determined to let the light in. 

‘Google is our biggest competitor’: CEO Kevin Kenrick reimagines TVNZ for the digital age

Facing streaming giants with multi-billion dollar budgets, the state broadcaster has announced it expects a big 2020 loss. Duncan Greive goes to find out why TVNZ CEO Kevin Kenrick is still smiling.

The Sunday List: 20 things that blocked traffic on New Zealand’s State Highway 1

It’s one of the great genres of New Zealand news: the unusual thing that just blocked our main arterial road. Here’s a sampler.

Boy crushes and girl power: Remembering Creme magazine, five years on

'A girl's best friend' was Creme magazine's tagline, and for many girls growing up in New Zealand in the early 2000s, that was absolutely true.

The Sunday List: 30 times Mike Hosking answered a question from Mike Hosking

Leading New Zealand broadcaster has many questions for himself.

The Sunday List: 44 times someone slammed someone else in the last month

Analysis of New Zealand media headlines reveals a lot of people slamming a lot of other people.

How to get all the confidence of a Silhouette Person

Two recent scientific discoveries rocked us to our fossily core, but there’s a bigger, more shocking story to be told: who are the silhouette people?