Publisher of NZ Listener, Woman’s Weekly, North & South to shut down

The Covid-19 crisis in media has claimed NZ's biggest magazine publisher, Bauer Media.

An alarming number of NZ entrepreneurs are becoming amateur epidemiologists

Why has New Zealand's startup community been so prominent in the Covid-19 discussion this past week?

The Spinoff’s Covid-19 coverage tagged as ‘inappropriate content’ by Facebook

Social media giant Facebook has banned a large number of trusted media outlets for posting 'inappropriate content'.

Crisis upon crisis: Covid-19 and the NZ media

What does the virus mean for an industry already in crisis?

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The satire puzzle and the Bob Jones v Renae Maihi defamation case

I was scheduled to appear as an expert witness on the subject of satire in the Jones v Maihi defamation case, and then it was cut short.

Harsh, loud and full of conflict: The chaotic reality of the Australian media landscape

Nine, Newscorp and the intense aesthetics of the Aussie media.

TVNZ and RNZ might soon become siblings. Ireland has some advice

The proposed merger of RNZ and TVNZ has one clear international precedent – Irish national broadcaster RTÉ.

The case for running advertising on RNZ

Advertising doesn’t have to ruin a radio station. In fact, it can make it stronger.

Why young kids are obsessed with becoming online stars

Vlogging is increasingly popular with young people, but how achievable is it as a career and is it safe?

‘The first salvo in a war’: Senior Herald and Stuff editors hit back at RNZ attack ad campaign

Private sector news executives have reacted with incredulity and anger to a new RNZ ad campaign attacking their work and business models.

Offer the light: Taking in the last Test overs of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney

Listening in to the last call of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney on Radio Sport.

Announcing a new six-month paid internship at The Spinoff

Attention: aspiring writers and reporters.

New global study shows why Jacinda Ardern’s time with Time is so valuable

NZ praised as ‘a shining example of how to build a tolerant and inclusive society in the face of adversity’ – a rejoinder to sneers at the PM’s appearances in international media.

Wild stat: Six60’s second album has been in the top 40 for five straight years

Six60 are on pace to overtake Pink Floyd for one of the most formidable records in NZ chart history.

Bulletin World Weekly: Coronavirus goes global

In the last week, outbreaks of the Covid-19 coronavirus have shaken countries well beyond the epicentre in China.

What RNZ’s ‘youth network’ could learn from student radio

If RNZ hopes to court the youth audience with its new stations it may have to take some cues from the ones who’ve had that audience all along: student radio.