Are you a troll? A simple guide to finding out

Is 2020 the year of the troll? Are you a troll? Emily Writes has a quiz to see if you can change.

Discovery has bought Three. What happens now?

A US TV giant has bought the Kiwi battler Three. What does that mean for Tova O’Brien, The Block and 7 Days?

Counting and Countering the infodemic: a deep dive into Covid-19 disinformation

A new project has been studying the vectors and volume of false stories that wrap around the Covid crisis in NZ. Here's what they learned.

The bumper Toby Morris & Siouxsie Wiles Covid-19 box set

All the illustrations and animations in one place.

Media Archive

The Fold: The most eye-opening bits from NZ On Air’s latest report

In this edition of The Spinoff’s media podcast, Duncan Greive unpacks the most important data points from a seismic new report into audience behaviour.

Marcus Lush, Judith and the albatross that wasn’t called Bob

From 8 'til midnight every day, Marcus Lush does God's work: taking down racist talkback callers.

What Facebook’s threat against news in Australia means for NZ (and the rest of the world)

Facebook's threat to pull out of news in Australia is the latest salvo in an increasingly bitter battle over who owns the news – and who should fund its production.

YouTube rises to top of the pile, and nine other findings on NZ media audiences

NZ's only comprehensive pan-media audience survey comes just once every two years – and the latest has just been released.

Pip Hall is the writer who always says yes

As she preps for season two of hit thriller One Lane Bridge, Pip Hall tells Michelle Langstone why, aged 48, she feels like she's only just hitting her creative stride.

The Fold podcast: How The Bulletin gets made, with Alex Braae

One of New Zealand’s most voracious consumers of local news media joins Duncan Greive to reveal the secrets behind his popular daily newsletter.

NZ influencers are spreading dangerous misinformation and there’s little we can do about it

Hundreds of thousands of followers. Rampant misinformation. And no rules.

New poll: How many New Zealanders have seen Covid conspiracies online?

Plus: What is Facebook’s impact on NZ society?

The aspirational age of fashion magazines is over

Is it finally time to call time on selling an unattainable reality? 

We’re hiring: The Spinoff seeks social media specialist

If you love The Spinoff and have a vision for how it should appear on Instagram and TikTok, we want to hear from you.

Why dangerous rumours are big business for Facebook

The rumour that electrified the country spread through the government’s most preferred and well-funded communication channel.

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