The true meaning of that massive ship stuck in the Suez Canal

Video | José Barbosa looks back wistfully on the week a ship got stuck in the Suez Canal.

The toxic on-air history of commercial radio in New Zealand

With commercial radio culture under a microscope, Alex Casey assembles a list of on air scandals from the last two decades. 

Spinoff breaks new ground for online media, embracing ‘fully non-fungible future’

The award-winning website has announced a bold new revenue venture, pinning hopes on Blockchain technology.

The Spinoff recommends: Tapu Te Ranga, Stonehenge Aotearoa, Hollywood Con Queen and more

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Media Archive

One year after the NZ magazine apocalypse

Metro editor Henry Oliver recalls the fateful Zoom call which ended Bauer New Zealand – and what came next.

Future of AUT’s Pacific Media Centre under spotlight following director’s departure

A lack of communication around the Pacific Media Centre's future is causing division among AUT staff members and supporters.

Everything is at home: The story of Tapu Te Ranga Marae

Video | Tapu Te Ranga was a marae like no other. Filmed in the years before it was destroyed by fire in 2019, this documentary tells its story through the words of its founder, Kaumatua Bruce Stewart.

Papercuts reviews the new Charlotte Grimshaw, Patricia Lockwood and more

Podcast | Refresh your reading pile with some excellent new recommendations from the Papercuts team.

From Air NZ to off-airing John Banks: Cam Wallace on his first three months at MediaWorks

Duncan Greive talks to Cam Wallace about Magic Talk, The Rock and the future of commercial radio.

The Fold: Hal Crawford on reviewing the NZ Media Fund, and what he learnt doing it

Duncan Greive talks to ex-head of news at MediaWorks, Hal Crawford, who's just completed a review into the NZ Media Fund.

Introducing When the Facts Change, a new podcast hosted by Bernard Hickey

Your essential weekly guide to the intersection of economics, business and politics in Aotearoa – hear the first episode now.

Great news: two of NZ’s best are joining The Spinoff

Name a more acclaimed, eloquent and original duo. 

The Fold: Justin Latif on South Auckland and the media

In this episode of The Fold, Duncan Greive is joined by Justin Latif, The Spinoff's South Auckland reporter.

Local commentator obsessed with American woman

The 15 columns Kate Hawkesby has written about Meghan Markle since 2018 read like rants to a weary bartender at last call.

An interview with the most feared man in New Zealand media

Journalists avoid his calls, editors loathe it when he highlights mistakes. But Colin Peacock reckons he's not scary at all.

Getting the message through: How are South Aucklanders staying informed about Covid? 

'Covid is real, it’s happening, but I’m also a believer that listeners and viewers must make their own mind up.'