That time I starred in a 'stranger danger' internet safety ad

'You’ve seen what’s on his screen – imagine what’s on his mind' warned the voiceover in a 1999 PSA about online paedophiles. The ad's star Joseph Nunweek remembers its filming, and reflects on how our perception of internet safety has changed in the years since.

Confessions of an ex-social media influencer

Rachel Klaver (nee Goodchild) was one of the pioneers of New Zealand lifestyle blogging, gaining a dedicated following for her witty and insightful writing on topics from internet dating to diets. That meant she got free stuff – a lot of it. But was it all really worth it?

‘Mum’s the word’: The online influencers secretly paid to go on 1News

TVNZ has pulled a story about Kmart from its site after The Spinoff obtained emails showing two online 'influencers' received undisclosed payments to appear. The revelations raise fresh questions about the murky and unregulated world of the influencer economy. Alex Casey investigates.

A few beers with Rachel House

She's perhaps New Zealand's most prominent actress of this moment, but when she gets a big part she's still reluctant to share the news for fears of being cut down. She is a sudden film star, a theatre legend and a chill-as-shit lady. Sam Brooks sits down in a park for a few beers with Rachel House.