Waaaait, is this the Auckland film festival I think it is?

The “Auckland International Film Festival” is Definitely Not the “New Zealand International Film Festival”, mmmkay?

Like it or not, Facebook has got you for life

Should you delete your Facebook page? In many important ways, it doesn't matter what you decide.

Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami are changing the game, one pube joke at a time

Alex Casey sits down for a yarn with Madeleine Sami and Jackie van Beek, as their film The Breaker Upperers opens in New Zealand cinemas this week.

The wildest takes on the Clarke Gayford rumours

Yesterday’s bombshell story about a story that wasn’t a story has sent shockwaves through the reckons machine

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The grapevine gazette: How NZ media handled the Clarke Gayford rumours

Could media report on slurs designed to do damage without amplifying the effect of them and playing into the hands of the rumour-mongers?

Madeleine Chapman: I feel for Deborah Hill Cone and Kate Hawkesby

Breaking: A column about a column about a column about a column about Clarke Gayford.

The best of The Spinoff this week

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It’s 2018 and a white comedian mimicked a Thai woman at the NZ Comedy Gala

The NZ International Comedy Festival kicked off last night with its traditional opener, the NZ Comedy Gala. But this year, among the local and international comedians, there was a whole lot of racism.

Pavement provided ‘exemplary environment’, claims magazine editor in new response

In email, Barney McDonald says In Plain Sight investigation misrepresents the magazine, the men at its helm, and amounts to ‘sensationalist click-bait’.

AM Show hosts launch yet another blistering attack on AM Show hosts

Breakfast carnage continues on Newshub as Mark Richardson and Duncan Garner tear chunks out of Mark Richardson and Duncan Garner

Breaking news: Clarke Gayford reputation rocked by Herald allegations

Claims in Deborah Hill Cone column cast doubt on the prime minister and her squeeze, who stands accused of being cringey and having a name ending with the letter ‘e’. Danyl Mclauchlan digs deeper

The best of The Spinoff this week

Bringing you the best weekly reading from your friendly local website.

In TV outburst, Mark Richardson announces he is sick of Mark Richardson

Yet another blistering AM Show attack as cricketer-turned-broadcaster condemns cricketer-turned-broadcaster

Duncan Garner launches blistering attack on Duncan Garner

The AM Show host has unleashed a merciless broadside over remarks by AM Show host.

I got Instagram hacked by the fake Ray-Ban ads, and I’m mad as hell

Ads hawking bogus Ray-Ban sunglasses are springing up all over Instagram feeds. But where do they come from and who is to blame?

What does Spark winning the RWC mean for Sky, and for rugby fans?

The telecomms company and TVNZ have outbid the satellite giant for the right to broadcast the 2019 men’s Rugby World Cup – and it marks a watershed moment for our media and audiences