The year’s most entertaining ad complaints rubbished by the ASA

Won't somebody, please, think of the children?!

Deryk is her name. Will the world know it by the year’s end?

A new EP from an unknown Auckland singer ignited a bidding war before she’d released a single. Today her debut single ‘Call You Out’ is released, with eerie parallels to Lorde’s rise.

Stuff has taken the sword to Facebook. Is it the start of a media revolution?

In quitting the social media giant, Stuff has taken a risk. But the gamble is not as big as it may seem.

The Fold podcast: Gaurav Sharma on the communities NZ’s media doesn’t serve

The associate editor of The Indian Times on why he believes the media ignores the quarter of our population not born here – and why both parties lose as a result.

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NZ news giant Stuff quits Facebook ‘until further notice’ – leaked internal memo

The country's fifth biggest site overall, Stuff has made the move 'in the context of the international Boycott Facebook movement'.

The fight to tell New Zealand stories in New Zealand magazines

With the collapse of Bauer NZ resulting in Australian magazines flooding our shelves, Wendyl Nissen looks back at her battle to get homegrown content given the star billing it deserved. Thanks …

Bauer vacuum: three months on, what will happen to these famous NZ magazines?

Either they are very difficult to sell, or they are worth very little, or Bauer simply doesn't care what it gets for them.

Media podcast: Stuff’s owner Sinead Boucher on how she bought it for $1

The Fold's very first guest is back to tell Duncan Greive how she pulled off the media deal of the year.

Māori Television needs to go – here’s what should replace it

The head of production house Pango Productions lays out his vision for the future of Māori media – and there's no place for Māori Television in it.

Good riddance to New York’s media bullies, from someone who knows

Outsized egos, rigid class systems and bathroom cubicle crying sessions – a New Zealander looks back on her time on the frontlines of a deeply dysfunctional culture.

The Hui and Marae are safe, says Māori development minister

As the Minister for Māori development faces the music for a poorly-received Māori media sector review, new and contradictory details are emerging.

Is this man David Farrier?

Everywhere he looks, David Farrier sees photos of his stock model doppelgänger. And so he decided to track him down.

Food media’s diversity problem: What NZ can learn from the Bon Appétit saga 

As the American media giant comes under fire for its treatment of POC contributors, it's time to talk about the whiteness of food media in Aotearoa.

‘It would set fire to all the progress’: Alarm at Māori media overhaul plan

A review of Māori media has recommended news be centralised at Māori Television. Many in the sector are deeply alarmed by the idea.

Who’s mad enough to launch a print magazine right now? Well, there’s me

Until the sudden closure of Bauer Media, Simon Farrell-Green was the editor of HOME, New Zealand's oldest architecture magazine. Here he explains what comes next.

Senior MediaWorks source emphatically denies reports Three sold to Discovery

The Herald reported this morning that MediaWorks was on the verge of selling its TV assets to US TV giant Discovery – but it appears the story may have been premature.