All aboard the Green Machine! Could it be 1992 all over again? (Getty Images)

Cricket World Cup 2019June 27, 2019

The Offspin Podcast: Deja Vu of ’92

All aboard the Green Machine! Could it be 1992 all over again? (Getty Images)

In this episode of The Offspin podcast, we’re joined by writer and broadcaster Ali Ikram, and his dad Hamid Ikram, to discuss their role in Pakistan’s success at the 1992 Cricket World Cup and their team’s potential in 2019.

The parallels are becoming harder and harder to ignore. A round-robin World Cup, with Pakistan needing a win against New Zealand to survive. Their order of results lines up perfectly – all the way down to a washout and today’s win over New Zealand – there’s an ul-Haq in the 92 team and this year, and young left-arm quick bowlers are tearing into opposition batsmen in both generations. The Disney musical Alladin was released in 1992, and the remake is being released this year. Shit is spooky.

So to get a grasp on whether the 2019 Cricket World Cup is actually playing out exactly the same as the 1992 World Cup, we decided to speak to a couple of people who had a first-hand role in Pakistan’s famous victory. Hamid Ikram, cardiologist, passionate Pakistani cricket fan and legend of the Christchurch community, was the liaison officer for the Pakistan team when they came to New Zealand through the 80s and 90s and looked after the team during the 92 World Cup. He had a history in the game too, including playing alongside Hanif Mohammed as a schoolboy, who went on to become a legendary test cricketer and Pakistan’s first test triple centurion.

Hamid and Ali share the secret history of what it was like to see the inspirational, ‘cornered tiger’ leadership of Imran Khan up close, having the team over for family dinner at their house, and the journey Pakistan cricket has had to go on to reach the top of the world. Plus, we pick over New Zealand’s defeat, and what it means for the rest of the tournament. All that and more, on The Offspin.

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Ali Ikram and his father Professor Hamid Ikram watching Pakistan play at Eden Park (image: supplied).

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