“As you probably know, it’s a very turbulent media market out there. If you enjoy The Spinoff and want to help us survive the storm, please donate to The Spinoff Members.

You’ll help us keep making homegrown and independent journalism that’s free to all. Our coverage of local elections, the Policy voting tool and our climate change journalism, for example, would have been impossible without the support of members”

– Toby Manhire, Editor, The Spinoff.


are also available

Annual costs are $500 (fewer than 50 staff), $1250 (50-200 staff) and $2000 (200 or more staff).

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Member Benefits
The Spinoff Tea Towel

For a limited time, all members donating $80 annually will receive a Spinoff teatowel – illustrated by no other than Toby Morris

A new initiative to facilitate our journalism, The Spinoff Members lets our audience support our work and play a role in directing new areas of coverage. If you’d like to support our mission, please click below to make a donation of your choice.

Why we’re doing this:

  • Advertising-funded journalism is broken
  • We’d love to cover more topics, but lack funding
  • We want our journalism to be free to all, not behind a wall
  • Our readers’ voices matter to us


All active members will receive:

  • Opportunities to tell us topics you’d like us to cover
  • A world news email from The Bulletin’s Alex Braae
  • Our staff’s undying gratitude and love
  • Members who contribute $80 or more a year receive The Spinoff Teatowel, illustrated by Toby Morris

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Do I still get to read The Spinoff if I don’t join up?

There are some great benefits to membership – a weekly world news email from The Bulletin’s Alex Braae, and our tea towel if you donate over $100. But we have consciously decided to keep the vast majority of our journalism free to all. You pay to support that, not to fence it away – to grow that journalism and make it sustainable.

Is that a yes?

If becoming a member isn’t for you or is beyond your means, please keep enjoying The Spinoff for free.

How has The Spinoff worked before this?

The bulk of The Spinoff’s income comes from content partnerships – clearly labeled collaborations with partner brands to create coverage of topics they care about. We also create video through NZ on Air, and “white label” content for brands – magazines, podcasts and blog posts that run on their own platforms and social channels. If you'd like to know more about this work, please email mark@thespinoff.co.nz

Why are you doing this now?

We have arrived at a point where there are things we’d like to do which we can’t fund commercially. We have a pretty good handle on what the market will support. This is for everything else. 

How do I find out where the money is going?

We will publish an annual overview which details what we did with the membership contributions in April of each year, and regularly communicate with members to explain, and seek advice on, where the money is being spent.

Will members be able to tell you what to write about?

Not “tell” – but we do listen and respond. You will be surveyed about projects or areas of coverage, and have a special email contact to offer story suggestions, tips and feedback.

Why is a private organisation is seeking money from its readers?

For the same reason private organisations as diverse the New York Times, ESPN, the Economist and the Ashburton Guardian need money from readers to create their content. There is very little public funding of journalism in New Zealand, so to survive and grow we need contributions from our audience.

Why aren’t you putting up a paywall?

Paywalls are great for some organisations. We want to keep our content free for all.

Are you going to spend this money on Facebook and Google?

No. We currently spend a portion of our income on social media boosting, but this income will be ring-fenced to staff and support journalism.

Are you still going to cover reality TV?

Yes. The Spinoff has covered reality TV from day one, viewing it as an indispensable window into New Zealand’s evolving psyche and culture. We also think it’s important to strike a balance between light and shade, high and low culture and silly and serious work. If that’s not your cup of tea – that’s all good. We recommend simply not clicking on stories which cover topics you don’t care for. But if you somehow do click them, don’t be surprised if you get a lot more than you bargained for – our coverage is very different from that of other sites.

I’d like to donate, but services as opposed to cash. Can I do this?

Potentially – get in touch with members@thespinoff.co.nz and we’ll see if the organisation has a need.

I’m a business or organisation. Can we become a member too?

Absolutely. Get in touch with members@thespinoff.co.nz. We can talk you through different levels to suit the scale of your business and your desire to help.

Is my payment secure?

The underlying payment infrastructure of The Spinoff is provided by Stripe, a global leader in online payments. They are processed using a secure SSL connection with 256-bit AES encryption. 

All credit card data is encrypted and Stripe maintains strict administrative, technical, and physical procedures to protect your information. More info about Stripe’s security policies can be viewed here. The Spinoff does not collect or store your credit card number within its own database.

How can I change my membership payment?

If you signed up to The Spinoff Members prior to June 14th 2020 via PressPatron, you’ll need to go here to update these details.

If you signed up directly with The Spinoff (from July 14th onwards) you can simply log in here and then head to your My Payments section to make any changes.

I’m already a Spinoff Member and donate via PressPatron. Do I need to pay again? How do I log in?

You don’t need to pay anything more. You're still a member! We’re simply transferring our membership system from PressPatron to The Spinoff. Simply click the login button in our navigation bar (or just head here) using the same email address used to sign up originally, via PressPatron. We’ll then email you a confirmation and have you choose a password.

Why are you changing your payment systems?

We want readers to be able to donate and communicate with us directly, as opposed to going through a third party. We also want to offer members discounts on Spinoff merchandise and have the ability to log in to the site as members, so that we can create a better site experience for those who contribute to our viability.

What is the benefit of logging into the site as a member?

As you may have noticed, our member promotion has become a larger and larger part of what you see on the site, and we’d like to give donating members an opportunity to read the site without being hit by these ads or pop ups. In the future we’d also like to be able to offer member-only content behind the members log in.

I signed up as a Spinoff Member prior to July 2020 via PressPatron. What does this mean for me?

You’re still a very important and appreciated member and you’ll be able to log in to the site and access members merchandise pricing by going through the login process, verifying your email, and then choosing a password.