Grace Jones

Auckland City Limits 2018: in photos

On Saturday the second Auckland City Limits went down at Western Springs. Simon Day spent the day roaming the speedway with his camera. 

“Smoke lots of weed, and look after each other,” sound early afternoon advice from SWIDT.

There’s never a bad place to have a ciggie

Norwegian 21-year-old Sigrid has pipes.

Starter game is very strong.

A slave to the rhythm.

Father-daughter bonding.

Queen Aradhana

Dress of the day


Disasteradio’s smelly feet.

Love for the locals at the Golden Dawn stage.

Instagram calling.

Feeling the love.

Thundercat AKA Stephen “Steve” Bruner.

Early afternoon space jazz bass guitar.

It’s a family affair at Western Springs.

Thundercat crowd.

The Libertines are still managing to hold it all together.

Look Sharp’s most sold product this summer

Ear muffs very necessary at The D4.

Head Like a Hole’s Booga Beazley at The D4.

Rock’n’Roll motherfucker!


New Zealand hip hop’s most iconic duo.

“Not many, if any.”

Here to witness the future.

The Future is here.

Grace Jones: The Queen of Western Springs

It got dark and the music got louder.

A Beck fan.


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