a tree surrounded by a heart on a red background

Ten questions to find your one tree love

What’s the difference between a human and a tree? A tree will never leave you. Take our quiz to find your dream native.

Valentines come and go, but a tree lasts forever – or at least several decades. If you’re tired of barking up the wrong tree when it comes to romance, it might be time to think more literally. The woods are full of strong and silent types, healers for your broken heart, and even a couple of studs that just can’t keep the birds away.

Delete your dating apps and get your watering can out, because we’re about to help you nurture a lifelong timber soulmate. Will it be the playboy pūriri tree, the healing mānuka, the family-oriented pōhutukawa, or another one of our ready and willing native trees? Trees That Count, a charity that aims to see more than 200 million native trees planted in New Zealand, is keeping our forests lush with options – and making it easy to gift native trees to your own special (human) someone.

The quiz below will take just a few minutes, but by its end you could be looking at the rest of your life.


If the embed above doesn’t work, click here to access the quiz. Trees That Count is dedicated to keeping our natural habitat healthy, with gorgeous native trees that clean our waterways, add to our biodiversity and contribute immeasurably to the beauty of Aotearoa. If you’d like to share the love, consider gifting a native tree instead of a rose this year. Perhaps a dozen of them, if you’re feeling very romantic. And if you’d like to keep your options open, you can meet the rest of their stunning native trees here.

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