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Pop CultureSeptember 25, 2015

Television: How Can TV3 Follow Dom Harvey’s Live Prostate Exam?

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We enjoyed Dom Harvey’s live prostate exam on Story so much we’ve brainstormed ten more ideas for future TV3 live broadcast stunts.

1) Rachel Glucina’s Key Keyhole Surgery


Inserting a keyhole camera through the Keys’ keyhole live on Scout TV, Glucina gains exclusive footage of Max Key letting people into Harvard on Skype and John Key bidding for pandas with Bronagh’s TradeMe account.

2) The Morning Madhouse Live Lobotomy

For one day only, the morning trio go back to their mad roots on The Edge TV by performing a live lobotomy on a listener using the cash claw machine left over from survey time. But, there’s a twist: it’s also their wedding day. Who or what are they marrying? Will they be able to say “I do” with a small piece of their brain removed? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

3) The Bowden Files

Tune in each week as Dominic Bowden is leaked a mystery celebrity’s passwords, gaining full access to their Gmail and TradeMe accounts. Can you guess who they are from their regrettable TradeMe purchase history and embarrassing gchat logs?


4) Live ‘Colinoscopy’

A sequel to Dom Harvey’s successful live prostate exam in which Colin Mathura-Jeffree gets his colon checked in the name of bowel cancer awareness. Broadcast live from the Colon Care Centre on New North Road.

5) Open Art Surgery


He’s won our hearts before, but has he actually touched our hearts? Join Art Green as he carefully performs a triple bypass on a More FM competition winner live on Story, followed by Michael Hill gently embedding a single rose diamond on the wall of the lucky lady’s aorta. Now that, is eternal love.

6) Ritual Sam Hayes-ing

Effective immediately, any new addition to the Mediaworks family must be put through a demeaning hazing ritual live on Newsworthy before they can receive their first pay.

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7) Simon’s Barnet

Blockbuster bi-monthly segment on The Nation where More FM morning host and dancing superstar Simon Barnett gets a haircut in the style of co-host Gary McCormick’s choosing. Better watch out Si, Gary’s just found out what a man bun is.

8) Willy Moon?

Will he or won’t he? Back in the country for one night only, you’ll have to tune into 3D‘s exclusive investigation to find out.

9) Gout TV

The hottest entertainment news and gossip, brought to you by someone living with gout.

10) Hilary, We Shrunk Mike McRoberts

Mark Jennings invests the entire annual news budget in developing the technology required to shrink 3News presenter Mike McRoberts to the size of a GI Joe.

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