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New to streaming: What to watch on Netflix NZ, Neon and more this week


We round up everything coming to streaming services this week, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Apple TV+, ThreeNow, Neon and TVNZ+.

If you love award-winning comedy: Hacks (TVNZ+, May 3)

Hacks is quite simply one of the best new comedies of the last few years. First of all, here’s a comedy with two women in leading roles and one of them is over 65 and isn’t even Betty White?! Second of all, the series tackles so much interesting and nuanced stuff around sexism, MeToo and cancel culture while still somehow being very funny. Forcing a Joan Rivers-inspired stand-up looking to refresh her act to pair up with a millennial moaner who has been deeply cancelled online, it’s an inter-generational journey unlike any other. Don’t just take our word for it though – in our My Life in TV series, local comedy legend Michèle A’Court said that episode eight of season one is “the most beautiful, horrible, satisfying” bit of telly she’s ever seen. 

If you love sport: Dame Valerie Adams: More Than Gold (Neon, May 5)

If you missed this documentary in cinemas two years ago, this is your chance to watch the outstanding, inspirational story about the life of five time Olympian and double Olympic gold medalist Dame Valerie Adams. “In the history of modern track and field, only 10 athletes have won championships at youth, junior and senior levels. Usain Bolt is one. Dame Valerie Adams is another,” James Nokise wrote in his review. “More Than Gold certainly is not a film that glorifies being an elite athlete. If anything it simply, and sincerely, shows the human cost such a career requires. For our sports-mad nation, it should be required viewing.” 

If you love an Australian mystery: High Country (ThreeNow, May 3)

Sara Wiseman, Aaron Pederson, Leah Purcell and the grandad from Derry Girls(?) star in this new Australian mystery drama, set in a remote town in the Victorian High country. When a big city cop comes to Brokenridge to investigate the disappearance of five missing people who have simply been lost somewhere in the wilderness, she begins to uncover a whole lot of problems. It’s the kind of plot we’ve seen many times before, but a strong cast and Australian setting makes this a solid eight-part murder mystery. 

If you love Troy Kingi: Troy Kingi’s Desert Hikoi (TVNZ+, May 1)

Troy Kingi’s Desert Hikoi (Photo: TVNZ)

This new documentary series follows award winning musician and actor Troy Kingi, as he takes a spiritual journey from Aotearoa to Joshua Tree National Park in California. In his search for creative inspiration, Kingi looks to the wisdom of the desert environment and its indigenous people as he records his latest album (the eighth of his 10 albums across 10 genres over 10 years) at the iconic Rancho de la Luna Studio – and meets a few of his music heroes along the way.  

If you love eating breakfast: Unfrosted (Netflix, May 3)

Netflix’s new movie is one out of the box. Starring Jerry Seinfeld (who also co-wrote and makes his directorial debut), Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer, Dan Levy and Hugh Grant, Unfrosted is loosely based on the true story about how cereal companies Kelloggs and Post were in a fierce rivalry to revolutionise American breakfasts by making the first toaster pastry (now known as the pop tart) during the 1960s. With lines like “give up the tarts, old man!” and “if this is a cereal company, why did my husband explode?”, this might just be the most bonkers film you watch all year. 

The rest


Honeymoonish (April 29)

My Next Guest with David Letterman: John Mulaney (April 30)

Three Thousand Years of Longing (April 30)

Fiasco (April 30)

The Yellow Birds (April 30)

13 Bombs (April 30) 

Heeramandi (May 1)

Girl at the Window (May 1)

Unnatural (May 1)

Psych (May 1)

Down the Rabbit Hole (May 1)

Page Eight (May 1)

Haikyu!! (May 1)

Dr Stone (May 1)

Deaw Special Super Soft Power (May 1)

Black Clover S2 (May 1)

Cry Babies S3 (May 1)

A Man in Full (May 2)

Secrets of the Neanderthals (May 2)

Beautiful Rebel (May 2)

Frankly Speaking (May 2)

TPBon (May 2)

Postcards (May 3)

Mountain (May 3)

Selling the OC S3 (May 3)

Unfrosted (May 3)

Promising Young Woman (May 3)

Inside Llewyn Davis (May 3)

The Broken Voice S2 (May 3)

Armageddon Time (May 4)

John Mulaney presents: Everybody’s in LA (Live event, May 4)

Katt Williams: Woke Foke (Live event, May 5)

Upin and Ipin (May 5)

The Atypical Family (May 5)


The Night Caller (April 29)

The Hundred (April 30)

Bad Host: Hunting For The Couchsurfing Predator (April 30)

Code 1: Minute By Minute (April 30)

King Con (April 30)

Three Thousand Years of Longing (April 30)

Troy Kingi’s Desert Hikoi (May 1)

Tiki Tane in Session with CSO (May 1)

Naked Attraction (May 1)

Hacks S3 (May 3)

North Shore (May 5)

Spies of Terror (May 5)


High Country (May 3)


Meg 2: The Trench (May 1)

Past Lives (May 1)

Hunter Killer (May 2)

Sing (May 2)

The Craft (May 3)

The Big Chill (May 4)

Dame Valerie Adams: More Than Gold (May 5)

Prime Video

The Idea of You (May 2)

Young Rock S1 (May 2)

About My Father (May 3)

Clarkson’s Farm (May 3)


Fx’s The Veil (April 30)

Shardlake (May 1)

Welcome to Wrexham S3 (May 3)

Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (May 4)

Apple TV+

Acapulco (May 1)


Skeletons in the Closet (May 3, also on Shudder)

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