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Hosking feature

Pop CultureAugust 31, 2016

Hosking Week: A comprehensive look at Toni Street trying to speak on Seven Sharp

Hosking feature

Mike Hosking loves to talk all the time, that’s no secret. But Mike Hosking’s favourite time to talk is when Toni Street is talking. Liam Fernandez compiled the best back-and-forths from Seven Sharp.

It’s Hosking Week, a full five days of nothing but appreciation for Mike Hosking and all he’s given this great nation. From his origins and his style, to his inability to try on masks, we’ve covered it all.

But what about Toni Street?

She’s also on our screens night after night, sitting next to The Hosk and presumably having the time of her life. We would be remiss to stage a Hosking Week without acknowledging Street’s presence and support.

Toni Street helps to amplify Mike Hosking’s performance on Seven Sharp by letting him know exactly when he should speak. Namely, any time she opens her mouth to say something.

Here are some of the greatest examples of Mike Hosking talking loudly and proudly over his beloved co-worker. Pray for Toni.

Apologies in advance for the quality of some of this video/audio – The Spinoff AV Lab reacted badly to the sheer volume of Hosk it ingested.

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