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Illustration: Toby Morris
Illustration: Toby Morris

SocietyDecember 7, 2020

10 x 100: What Wellingtonians think of Wellington. And what they think of Aucklanders

Illustration: Toby Morris
Illustration: Toby Morris

In a new regular feature, we survey a group of 100 people via Stickybeak and ask them 10 questions. Today, what do Wellingtonians think about perceptions of their city? And what do they think of Aucklanders?

Can’t beat Wellington on a good day? Andrea Vance can. Wellington based Stuff columnist beat the city to a pulp with a sledgehammer a few weeks back in a column that tallied up its pros and cons and concluded that “Wellington’s best days are long behind it. And its future is gloomy.” The valleys of Wellington rumbled with a fury unheard since the time John Key diagnosed it as “dying city”.

We polled 100 Wellingtonians to find out what they make of it all.


We began with the Vance provocation, asking for an appraisal of its unflinching conclusion. Four in five respondents said nah.


A string of stories in recent times have highlighted the challenges facing renters in Wellington. Only 10% thought the market was mostly good, and one person, who is either a big landlord or taking the mickey, said “excellent”.


The debate around the Spatial Plan meanwhile raised questions about the future of some of the city’s ageing villas.


Speaking of movie moguls …


Next up, Shelly Bay, the controversy that has involved property developers, an iwi trust, the council and a movie mogul. Just shy of half of respondents were backing the opponents of the development.


Don’t worry, we also addressed the important issues.


From the cat department.


And of course …


At last we come to the word-cloud component. We asked: If you had one word to describe Wellington, what would it be? It was a tie at the top, with two words getting five mentions: Home and Expensive.


And (deep intake of breath) what about Auckland? Here Busy was a winner, on 11, followed by Soulless, Shit and Hellhole.

Stickybeak is a conversational research platform that uses social media to reach targeted audiences, giving you insights to make better decisions. Stickybeak surveyed 100 self-selecting Wellingtonians, targeted via social media geolocation.


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