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Last on the list: My grandad told me National was home, and he was right

The struggle of an early life that included hunger and homelessness led Shelley Pilkington to put her hand up for the National Party. And she's on the list, at No 75.

Last on the list: I won’t shy from uncomfortable truths in making the Green case

Gerrie Ligtenberg, who is 24th on the Green Party list for September's election, explains what inspired her to stand in Rangitata.

Last on the list: I felt scapegoated, so became political. And Act was the only choice

As a sports shooter, I couldn't just stand by and watch, writes Dave King, who is 20th on the Act list for Seotember's election.

Last on the list: Giving the Labour Party a lift from 84th place

I’m queer, a mother, a unionist, and if five and a half million people vote for Labour, then I’ll be an MP.