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‘No room for doubt that I can do this’: the Spinoff meets Jacinda Ardern

As she marks six months as Labour leader and embarks on a critical year for her newly formed government, Jacinda Ardern hosts Spinoff editor Toby Manhire at her Auckland home.

Screaming into the void with Gareth Morgan and TOP

Duncan Greive spends an extraordinary two days with Gareth Morgan – and his comms sidekick Sean Plunket – as he tries to will TOP back into relevance amid the chaos of the 2017 election.

A man for some seasons: Andrew Little meets The Spinoff

In the third of The Spinoff's election year interviews with party leaders, Simon Wilson talks to Labour's Andrew Little, and tries to work out if he has what it takes.

How Andrew Little could drag Phil Goff back to Wellington

Andrew Little wants Phil Goff close to him in cabinet, he has revealed in an interview with The Spinoff. Not actually in cabinet, but as an important part of Wellington’s …

The Spinoff versus the 2017 election: our campaign plans exclusively revealed

To be honest it would be weird if someone else revealed our campaign plans, but still, writes Spinoff politics editor Toby Manhire.

Greens ready to govern with Winston Peters despite his ‘racist views’ – Metiria Turei

The Greens now have a warmer relationship with the NZ First leader, and are ready to work together whatever their disagreements, says co-leader Metiria Turei. She also reveals how close she came to quitting, and what Greens in government would do if Donald Trump were to visit.

The art of the deal: The Spinoff meets the Green leaders

The NZ Green Party has been in parliament in its own right since 1999, yet never in government. Co-leaders Metiria Turei and James Shaw tell Toby Manhire why they’re convinced, all the same, that 2017 is their year, and how they'd cope with a visiting President Trump.

The incremental radical: Bill English meets the Spinoff

After eight years watching John Key from the deputy’s seat, Bill English was thrust into leadership late last year. In the first in a series of election-year interviews with our political leaders, Duncan Greive goes to the ballet with the prime minister, and chews over his new job and how he plans to keep it.

Virtue signalling is not for me: Bill English doubles down on rejecting ‘feminist’ label

In exclusive interview with the Spinoff, the prime minister invokes the term ‘virtue signalling’ and reveals why he decided to break with predecessor John Key on superannuation