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The Side Eye: Essential

Toby Morris reconnects with Tasia, essential worker.

Covid-19: The Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris gifs now in te reo Māori

Our Covid-19 gifs are now available in te reo Māori. Spread the word (while staying at home).

The Side Eye: The high price of bad teeth

We've all got teeth, so why can only some of us afford to look after them?

The Side Eye: Bugged Out

This time 20 years ago, New Zealand was preparing for apocalypse. The Side Eye looks back at the Y2K bug phenomenon 20 years later and asks if it was all a scam.

The Side Eye: The Trap Life

Skwaaak! Toby Morris meets the community trapping groups changing Wellington's sky.

The Side Eye: The Bottles – a story about nostalgia and dog poo

Toby Morris gazes back to a time where almost every NZ yard had a plastic bottle full of water in the middle of it.

The Side Eye: The receiving end

How many more times likely is a Māori person to have a police dog used against them? Twice as likely? Three times? Ten times? Toby Morris talks to Julia Whaipooti about Māori over-representation in the justice system.

The Side Eye: To Emily, re abortion

Unsure if he's the right person to write about abortion, Toby Morris seeks advice from Spinoff Parents editor and writer Emily Writes. Emily has some strong thoughts.

The Side Eye: Who sets up the speakers?

Sohail Din of the University of Auckland's Muslim Student Association talks to Toby Morris about Friday prayers and life after the Christchurch terrorist attacks for Muslim New Zealanders.

This is us

Terrorist attacks tore through the Muslim community in Christchurch, and exposed ugly truths about New Zealand

The Side Eye: Six out of Ten

The Kiwi way of life is six out of ten. Toby Morris is over it.

The Side Eye: The Chase

Thirteen teenagers have died in police pursuits in New Zealand in the last three years. Toby Morris investigates a possible solution not that far from home.

The Side Eye: The Perfect Spot

We asked you where your perfect spot on beach is, and you told us. Hundreds of you. Using the magic of comics and a deep desire to be asleep on the sand, Toby Morris has brought that imaginary beach to life.

The Side Eye: Everything to Everyone – understanding the teacher crisis

The job's got harder, the pay's got worse. Toby Morris spends a day with two primary teachers and finds out what the teaching crisis is all about.

The Side Eye: The Truth is Dead

Conspiracies, fake news and alternative facts: sometimes it's all a bit too much to handle. Toby Morris asks where we draw the line between accepting other's beliefs and calling out bullshit in the post-truth age.

The Side Eye: Drug Zealand

New Zealand has been talking a lot about 'kindness' in drug policy. But how far will we be brave enough to take that idea? Toby Morris takes a look at what decriminalisation might look like in NZ.

The Side Eye: Inequality Tower 2018

Imagine all the wealth in NZ as a ten-storey apartment building. Imagine half of NZ crammed in a tiny corner of the bottom floor.

The Side Eye: ‘Tough on Crime’ is Dead

Why the mindless approach to criminal justice must end.

The Side Eye: Kings and Commoners

Two Auckland schools went into lockdown recently, so why did one dominate the coverage? The Side Eye looks into the way King's College and Ōtāhuhu College featured in reporting.

The Side Eye: Empty Shelves

Meet Tasia. She's been working full time at the same job for 15 years. She's struggling financially. Why? She's on the minimum wage.

The Side Eye: The ‘War on Men’

Why are gains for women assumed to be losses for men? Why are men so threatened by equality? Toby Morris looks at the so called 'war on men' and finds a lot of insecurity.

The Side Eye: This is not a table

We all believe weird shit, and that's fine. The problems start when we confuse our perspective with the facts.

Summer Reissue: An illustrated guide to (non) apologies

A 12 step guide to a perfect non-apology, by Toby Morris.

The Side Eye: Parties and Bullshit – A Christmas conflict pick-a-path

Christmas is a time for getting together with family. But there's just one problem: he's gonna to say it. You know he's gonna say it. Or she'll say it. So what do you?

The Side Eye: 12-step guide to a perfect non-apology

A 12 step guide to a perfect non-apology, by Toby Morris.

Introducing The Side Eye by Toby Morris

We're hugely excited to announce that artist and writer Toby Morris is the latest addition to team Spinoff. Below, the Pencilsword creator (and one half of op-ed duo Toby & Toby, along with Spinoff veteran Toby Manhire) introduces his new project. But first, editor Duncan Greive welcomes him aboard.