These are all the wacky heroes, villains, queens and Streeps you’ll be watching in October.
These are all the wacky heroes, villains, queens and Streeps you’ll be watching in October.

TelevisionOctober 1, 2019

What’s new on Netflix NZ and every other streaming service in October

These are all the wacky heroes, villains, queens and Streeps you’ll be watching in October.
These are all the wacky heroes, villains, queens and Streeps you’ll be watching in October.

What are you going to be watching in October? The Spinoff rounds up everything that’s coming to streaming services this month, including Netflix, Lightbox, Neon, Amazon Prime and TVNZ on Demand.

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The Biggies

Watchmen (NEON, Season 1 weekly, from October 21)

This HBO series is set 34 years after the events of Alan Moore’s tremendous graphic novel about renegade superheroes. Starring Jeremy Irons as the original “big bad” Ozymandias, Jean Smart as the Silk Spectre, and Regina King as our new hero Sister Night, the show also promises glimpses of Dr Manhattan (back from living on Mars), Robert Redford (played by Robert Redford), and an army of Rorschach-faced terrorists. It’s a classic but timely plot about the role of the police, personal responsibility, and white supremacy: what superhero shows should be about. / Josie Adams

Modern Love (Amazon Prime, Season 1, from October 18)

Another month, another likely-to-be critically acclaimed series ripped from the headlines. Last month, we had Unbelievable (my pick for the show of the year). This month, we’ve got Modern Love, an anthology series taken from the New York Times column of the same name. Each episode takes a different story from the column, exploring love in all its forms – sexual, romantic, familial, platonic, and based on this cast list, being in love with people who look like famous people. The cast includes Anne Hathaway, Hot Priest Andrew Scott, Tina Fey, Dev Patel, recent Emmy winner Julia Garner, Brandon Victor Dixon and a whole range of others. / Sam Brooks

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK (TVNZ OnDemand, Season 1 weekly, from October 4)

I’ve got two words to say to you about Drag Race UK: Baga Chipz. Perhaps the greatest drag name of all time, I know absolutely nothing about Baga Chipz, but she has already taught me so much about what we can expect from Drag Race UK. The tea is going to served with milk and sugar, the queens are going to arrive flanked by many corgis and you bet there will be many more puns made about British cuisine. Bangers and mash? Toad in the hole? Spotted dick? I can’t hardly wait.  / Alex Casey

Big Mouth (Netflix, Season 3, from October 4)

Big Mouth has always been a strange show to recommend. “It’s about puberty and adolescent friendships. It’s really raw and quite brutal, but it’s allowed to be because it’s animated. Oh yeah, it’s animated.” After two seasons, creators Nick Kroll (Kroll Show) and Andrew Goldberg managed to out-absurd the walking-penis hormone monster of season one by introducing two pubic hairs, voiced by Craig Robinson and Jack McBrayer respectively. If the IMDb credit “Kristen Wiig – Jessi’s Vagina” piques your interest, Big Mouth is the show for you. / Madeleine Chapman

Batwoman (TVNZ OnDemand, Season 1 weekly, from October 7)

The CW’s superhero universe adds to its ranks with Batwoman, starring Australian actor and DJ Ruby Rose (Orange is the New BlackJohn Wick 2) as the titular batty woman. Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane, is Batman’s cousin and one of DC’s more notable gays. The Arrowverse has been representing LGBTQ since its CW inception, so Batwoman is sure to handle this well. Rose has already played the character on Arrow, where she wore a flamboyant wig. Will Gotham be as welcoming of outrageous costumes as Starling City? Watch and find out. / Josie Adams

The Notables

Mr Robot (Lightbox, Season 4 weekly, from October 7)

Nobody’s favourite Freddie Mercury Rami Malek is back in the fourth (and final) season of the show that made him a star. Despite a slow waning of interest after a hugely buzzed about and award-winning first season, Mr. Robot has received consistently great reviews, especially for its lead performer, general approach to inclusivity and (relatively) experimental filmmaking. Will its final season close up with a bang or a whimper, though? Watch and see! / SB

Living with Yourself (Netflix, Season 1, from October 18)

Paul Rudd? On my television? Outside of the final seasons of Friends, when he was a de facto member of the main six but not really? Colour me interested. Colour me not just interested, but hooked after this premise: “The story of a man, who after undergoing a mysterious treatment that promises him the allure of a better life, later discovers that he has been replaced by a doppelganger.” This comes from the mind of Timothy Greenberg, an ex-Daily Show writer, and it feels like it’ll be the sleeper Netflix hit of the month, so keep up with the conversation and keep your eyes on this one. / SB

Nancy Drew (NEON, Season 1 weekly, from October 10)

Made by the team behind Riverdale, this is Nancy Drew like you’ve never seen her before: dark, moody and scarily supernatural. While ye olde Nancy Drew worried about missing jewels and secrets in old clocks, 2019 Nancy has more pressing concerns, like finding the ghost who killed a socialite in her small town and trying to avoid being framed for murder alongside her 4 best friends. Newcomer Kennedy McCann plays super sleuth Nancy, while Scott Wolf (Party of Five) plays her father. If that makes you feel old, don’t worry, Nancy Drew has been a teenager since the 1930s.  The new and improved Nancy Drew is a smart, spooky mystery drama that should be gobbled up by fans of Riverdale and Veronica Mars alike. / Tara Ward

Riverdale (Netflix, Season 4 weekly, from October 10)

Hot Archie is back. If you watch this show, you’ll already know when it’s coming and have your TikTok alarms set, you crazy teen. If you don’t watch this show, continue on with your life because you’re not starting now.  / SB

Catherine the Great (NEON, mini-series, from October 9)

HBO’s been knocking it out of the park lately with their historical miniseries, and Catherine the Great looks to be its next big winner. This is a sweeping, sumptuous drama about one of the most iconic female leaders of all time, and if you’re a Dame Helen Mirren fan, this will be all your dreams come true. Catherine the Great is played by Helen the Even Greaterer, supported by a cracking cast including Gina McKee, Rory Kinnear, Richard Roxbrough and Jason Clarke. This drama has HBO leaning hard into Russian history, with heaps of gory war scenes, bedroom hijinks and Dame Helen bloody Mirren in a tricorn, coolly leading her army into battle. Absolute power, indeed. / TW

9-1-1 (Lightbox, Season 2, from October 3)

Turn on your ambulance sirens because Jennifer Love Hewitt, once the princess of US network television, is back. The former star of Party of Five, The Ghost Whisperer and The Client List replaces Connie Britton, who moved onto waters less procedural-y and more Netflix-y, but this emergency-services procedural retains its other core lead, international treasure Angela Bassett. Our own Emily Writes has attested to the show’s watchability, and I can only assume that Love Hewitt will be a worthy carrier of Britton’s mantle. / SB


Booksmart (Lightbox, from October 16)

As someone who has a frankly humiliating and deeply uncool nostalgia for high school and FRIENDSHIP, I lost count of the times I burst into tears during Booksmart. Following two freaks who realise they never had a high school blowout on the eve of their graduation, it’s basically Superbad but with girls and a lot more heart. Aka everything I could ever want in a movie. / AC

Shrek (Netflix, from October 10)

I thought love was only true in fairy tales. Meant for someone else but not for me. Love was out to get me. That’s the way it seemed. Disappointment haunted all of my dreams. Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer. Not a trace, of doubt in my mind. I’m in love, and I’m a believer – I couldn’t leave her if I tried. I thought love was more or less a giving thing. The more I gave the less I got, oh yeah. What’s the use in trying? All you get is pain. When I wanted sunshine I got rain. Then I saw her face, now I’m a believer. Not a trace, of doubt in my mind. I’m in love, I’m a believer. I couldn’t leave her if I tried. / AC via Smash Mouth

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Netflix, from October 11)

Now that we’ve got both a spinoff TV show in Better Call Saul and a sequel movie in El Camino, there is only one more avenue for Vince Gilligan to go down in the Breaking Bad universe. That’s right, folks, I’m talking Young Heisenberg and I don’t care who knows it. Imagine his cute little fedora! Tiny haz mat suit! Luvvit. Serious pitches aside, El Camino is a Netflix EVENT following Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), gnarled in the future, as he goes on the run for doing something that, and I’m going out on a limb here, is probably to do with drugs. / AC

The Laundromat (Netflix, from October 16)

Breaking: Meryl Streep deigns to appear in a Netflix film, or at least a film that was later bought by Netflix! This Steven Soderbergh joint focuses on the leaking of the Panama Papers in 2016, and has been compared to The Big Short, though I assume this one features less Margot Robbie in a bath, but maybe the same amount of over-explaining the intricacies of financial fuckery. It’s had decent reviews out of a few festivals, but honestly, any Streep film that you can stream directly to your couch is worth your time. (Also dropping on Netflix this month is Sophie’s Choice, the movie that is annoyingly hard to find, gave Meryl Streep her second Oscar, and is truly unrecommendable outside of that fact.)  / SB

The Rest

What follows is a list of what is coming up on every streaming service this month.

Carmen Sandiego drops on Netflix this month.


October 1

Carmen Sandiego: Season Two

The Big Bang Theory: Season Twelve

First Kill

Once Upon a Time in Venice

Where Hands Touch

Fed Up

The Green Hornet

Wild Wild West

Boo! A Madea Halloween


October 2

Ready to Mingle

Living Undocumented

October 3

Seis Manos

October 4

El Dragon: Return of a Warrior

Big Mouth: Season Three

Raising Dion: Season One

In The Tall Grass

Rotten: Season Two

Creeped Out: Season Two

Super Monsters: Season One

Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween

October 5

Legend Quest: Masters of Myth

October 7

Match! Tennis Juniors

October 8

Deon Cole: Cole Hearted

The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-Ween

October 9

Rhythm + Flow

October 10

Riverdale: Season Four

Ultramarine Magnell

October 11

Haunted: Season Two

Insatiable: Season Two

Plan Couer: Season Two

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Wolkenbruchs wunderliche Reise in die Arme einer Schickse

La influencia


The Forest of Love

YooHoo to the Rescue: Season 2




Pitch Perfect 3

Back to the Future Part III

Billy Elliot

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish


Mercury Rising


The Purge

The Nutty Professor

Sophie’s Choice

Lost in Translation

The Tale of Despereaux

Jaws: The Revenge

October 12


October 13


October 14

Martin Matte: La Vie, La Mort…Eh La La..!

October 15

Green Lantern

October 16

Park Na-Rae: Glamour Warning

Ghosts of Sugar Land

Dolphin Tale 2

Arrow: Season Seven

October 17


October 18

Toon: Seasons 1-2

MeatEater: Season Eight


Baby: Season Two

Interior Design Masters

La casa de las flores: Season Two

Living with Yourself




The Laundromat

Tell Me Who I Am

Unnatural Selection

Mighty Little Bheem: Diwali

Spirit Riding Free: Pony Tales Collection 2


October 22

Jenny Slate: Stage Fright

October 23

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Dancing with the Birds

October 24


Grego Rossello: Disculpe las molestias


October 25


Nailed It! France (C’est du gâteau!)

Nailed It! Spain (Niquelao!)

Prank Encounters

Brigada Costa del Sol

The Kominsky Method: Season Two

October 28

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

A 3 Minute Hug

Little Miss Sumo

October 29

Arsenio Hall

October 30

Flavourful Origins: Yuunan Cuisine

October 31

Nowhere Man

Kengan Ashura: Part II

Carla Gugino is NEON’s Jett.


October 3

Murder for Hire: Season One Part One

October 4

Supermansion: Season One and Two

October 6


October 7


Supergirl: Season Five

October 8

Infinity Train

OK Great Let’s Be Heroes

October 9

Catherine the Great

The Flash: Season Six

October 10

Nancy Drew

October 11

Supernatural: Season Fifteen

October 12

Charmed: Season Two

Forever My Girl

October 14


October 15

Training Day

October 16

Vida: Season Two

October 17

The Miracle Season

October 19

Name of the Rose

Looking for Alaska

October 20

Scream 4

October 21


October 22


October 24

The Hangover

October 25

Lamb of God

October 26


October 27

Wild Hogs

The Mule

October 28

Mrs Fletcher

Silicon Valley: Season Six

October 29

Salvation: Season Two

All That We Destroy

The Body

Culture Shock


Flesh & Blood

I’m Just Fucking With You

New Year, New You



School Spirit

They Come Knocking


October 31

Scary Movie 5


October 1

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle: Season One

Top Chef Jnr: Season One

October 2

The Tomorrow Man

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

A Score to Settle

Spy Cat


October 3

9-1-1: Season Two

October 9

The Parting Glass

Ode to Joy


Annabelle Comes Home

October 11

Will and Grace: Season Two

October 15

Casual: Season Four

October 16


Spider-Man: Far From Home


The Catcher Was a Spy

Teen Titans Go Vs. Teen Titans

October 18

Sons of Anarchy

October 23

The White Crow

October 30

David Crosby: Remember My Name

The Public

Ruby Rose as Batwoman.

TVNZ on Demand

October 1


From The Vault: Rugby: Part Two

October 4

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

Temptation Island: Season Two

October 7


October 8

All American: Season Two

October 11

Legacies: Season Two

October 17

The Basement

October 22

The Movies

Tina Fey and John Slattery in Amazon Prime’s Modern Love

Amazon Prime

October 4


October 10

Jestination Unknown

October 17

One Mic Stand

October 18

Modern Love

The Purge: Season Two

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