The Spinoff is an online magazine and custom content creator. We employ some of New Zealand’s best non-fiction writers to create smart, shareable content.

What we do

The Spinoff is the most talked about media startup in New Zealand.

Founded by Duncan Greive in 2014, The Spinoff has grown to become a must-read source of analysis, humour and cultural commentary with a loyal audience of over 350,000 monthly users. Staff writers like Alex Casey, Steve Braunias and Toby Manhire have helped build a loyal audience at scale. We post fresh content daily, working across text, audio and video on a 21st century media brand.

The Spinoff Custom

The Spinoff Custom creates engaging, shareable content for brands.

In addition to The Spinoff, we create custom content for businesses like Barkers, Flight Centre and Rugby Pass. We work collaboratively with brands to formulate a content strategy which will engage audiences, helping capture and sustain an audience’s attention.


Duncan Greive

Editor & Publisher

Editor and publisher of The Spinoff.

Alex Casey

Television Editor

Alex Casey is the Television Editor at The Spinoff. After working full-time as projectionist at TV's sworn enemy 'the movies', she jumped ship to a smaller screen, and is stuck there now.

Hayden Donnell

Contributing writer

Hayden Donnell is a former staff writer for The Spinoff, currently living in the UK.

Catherine McGregor

The Spinoff Production Editor

Catherine McGregor is an editor for The Spinoff Custom. She writes regularly about film and television for Metro magazine.

José Barbosa

Staff Producer

José is staff producer for The Spinoff, in charge of all audio, video and illustrated products.

Steve Braunias

Books Editor

Steve Braunias lives in Te Atatu and works at the New Zealand Herald, and as editor of the Spinoff Review of Books. He is the author of nine books, including The Man Who Ate Lincoln Road, his LOL travelogue published by Luncheon Sausage Books in 2017. Steve was born in Mt Maunganui in 1960.

Toby Manhire

Politics Editor

Politics editor for The Spinoff. Columnist for The New Zealand Herald and RNZ. Features for The Guardian.

Scotty Stevenson

Sports Editor-at-large

Scotty Stevenson is Editor-at-large for The Spinoff Sports, and a commentator and columnist.

Calum Henderson

Staff Writer

Calum Henderson is a staff writer at The Spinoff.

Madeleine Chapman

Staff Writer

Madeleine Chapman is a staff writer at The Spinoff.

Don Rowe

Staff Writer

Don is a Raglan-bred writer who is still learning to surf. He's staff feature writer for The Spinoff.

Ashleigh Bogle

Account Manager

Ashleigh Bogle is Account Manager at The Spinoff, and in charge of reporting across all on-platform clients.

Skye Pathare

Social Media Manager

Skye manages our social media channels and audiences.