Emily Writes

Emily Writes is editor of The Spinoff Parents. She is a mother of two, the best-selling author of Rants in the Dark – From One Tired Mama To Another, writer and speaker. Email her on emily@thespinoff.co.nz

Emily Writes: A parenting hack for the ages

When you're exhausted and everything that could go wrong, does go wrong, you need a parenting hack to get you through. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes has a tip to change your mindset and help turn your little devils into little angels.

What is it like to have perinatal anxiety or depression?

At the Spinoff Parents we talk a lot about mental illness among parents. Today editor Emily Writes shares a group post that outlines the many ways perinatal anxiety, depression, and psychosis have affected New Zealand parents. We hope that anyone who sees themselves or their loved ones in these stories will seek help.

Emily Writes: So, I joined a gym…

In the spring, a young mother's fancy turns to thoughts of getting her old body back. Spinoff Parents editor Emily Writes explains why she's joined a gym – and it's not just about getting in shape.