Michael Andrew

Michael Andrew is the contributing editor and writer for the Pacific Media Centre and host of the weekly radio programme Southern Cross at 95bfm.

Jan 26, 2020

Island Fútbol

Far from home, the Latin American football fanatics of Waiheke Island are fighting to regain their place on the New Zealand football league. It's a tale of passion, pride and love for the beautiful game.

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Jan 19, 2020

A West Coast internship

Between the city and the coast lies an insurmountable gulf, or so they say. Michael Andrew decided to test that by interning at a local paper in the West Coast and found himself beguiled by the strangeness and the beauty. 

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May 4, 2019

How to kill a mattress

Where do mattresses go to die? The dump, of course. But Michael Andrew has other ideas. 

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