Thomas Nash

Thomas Nash led the global campaign to ban cluster bombs, co-founded UK-based disarmament group Article 36 and served on the board of the Nobel Prize-winning International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons. He’s currently working to promote a progressive role for Aotearoa in the world.

Sep 17, 2019

Fossil fuels are an existential threat. Stop messing around and just ban them

From CFCs to nuclear weapons, history has shown that the first step to eliminating a threat is to ban it, argues Thomas Nash.

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Feb 12, 2019

With NZ housing still utterly borked, some are taking matters into their own hands

As government and business lag behind, the fledgling community-driven housing sector is pursuing alternatives to bypass an unjust system

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Nov 12, 2018

Why it's time to push NZ foreign policy thinking out of the comfort zone

A new group seeks to challenge the orthodoxy, starting with a call to establish an independent Conflict Prevention Unit

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Apr 15, 2018

The truly killer app literally kills, and NZ has a role to play in fighting it

NZ needs to join those countries that have called for an international prohibition on autonomous weapons and to work with them to make it happen, writes Thomas Nash.

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