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Yellow wall niche
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BooksJune 11, 2021

The Friday Poem: Best recessed wall niche ideas, by Liz Breslin

Yellow wall niche
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A poem from Liz Breslin’s new collection, In bed with the feminists.

Best recessed wall niche ideas

the image is of a theta, a five, a plus + a three

a theta is a world, split, is love over death, is the eighth letter, is
the cracked her crypthand with h o p e
in god there is, she wrote
a theta is not to be confused

the image is of a purple heart, pulsing

it belongs to Emoji 1.0 + Unicode 6.0
it is the favicon on the Anne Lister Encoder/Decoder

it means physical attraction + it means you share a best friend on Snapchat + it means romantic love + honour + sacrifice + support + admiration for things that have relation to the colour purple + you can use it on Instagram to comment on clothes

she sends me a purple heart, pulsing

the image is of yellow wallpaper

a sunny aspect
ironically, in strips

the image is of light on bricks

a crypt, encrypt, in hope there is
you can hide things for so long
niche interests, unique interiors
you can only hide things for so long


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