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How to help people do drugs safely: let them know what they're really taking

For nearly 25 years Dr Fiona Measham has documented how and why humans do drugs - at festivals, nightclubs, and parties. She spoke to Simon Day about how helping people know what exactly they’re taking is making drug- taking safer in the UK.

The 'pot momma' who convinced Washington state to legalise weed

Alison Holcomb is known as the architect of marijuana legalisation in Washington state and was labelled 'pot momma' by the press. She spoke to Simon Day about leading Washington state to legalising cannabis.

Why Canadians will soon be allowed to buy weed – legally (WATCH)

In July 2018 Canada will become the second country in the world to universally legalise cannabis (Uruguay too the plunge earlier this year). Former Canadian deputy prime minister, Anne McLellan, spoke at the New Zealand Drug Foundation’s parliamentary symposium about her role in guiding Canada’s drug reform.