Kiwi kids aren’t eating enough veg, and no one knows what to do about it

With children's vegetable intake in decline, decision makers are too focused on pointing the finger at parents, a new study suggests.

Recipe: Lamb, smoked paprika and caper meatballs

Is there anything better than pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce? The answer is no.

Calm down, people: avogeddon is not upon us

Do you lose your shit when you can't get cherries in July? No. So why is everyone grumbling about the so-called avocado shortage?

The people’s cup: How the Arcoroc mug took over New Zealand

You know this mug, even if you think you don't. Hard to break, cheap as chips, filled with instant coffee or weak tea, it's the mug of the marae, the staff room, the factory canteen, the church hall. 

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Fresh hops are making the funkiest of beers for just a few winter months

Sam Flynn-Scott gets down with the funk of the fresh hop season.

Taking on single-use culture, one takeaway coffee at a time

Wellington-based startup Again Again has big plans for the way you do takeaways.

Recipe: Feijoa, basil and ginger smoothie

Still got a ton of feijoas to work through? Blend 'em up for a killer smoothie.

New Zealand creates tonnes of food waste. Supermarkets are trying to close the loop

Reducing food waste is a win-win solution for everyone as less food goes to landfill and more food goes to those who need it. So what’s being done to make this a reality?

Fighting to protect our whey of life: Eketahuna celebrates cheese solidarity

Curd nerd Calum Hodgson wants you to come to a small North Island town to stand in defence of the small-scale farmhouse cheese tradition.

Why the humble guava is worth the palaver

Don't let those brazen feijoas steal the limelight – guavas are also ubiquitous at this time of year, and their flavour is just as curiously delicious.

Everything you ever wanted to know about slushies but were afraid to ask

Ah, the slushy – it's the semi-frozen sugary beverage that has the nation talking. But what even is a slushy, and what's Simon Bridges' beef with them?

Dietary Requirements: Delving into the politics of restaurant awards

Deeply hungover, the Dietary Requirements team delve into the politics of restaurant awards this month with Metro editor Henry Oliver.

Bring home the best bacon for the job

Bacon is on a winning streak, but it's not all about the streaky. Sophie Gilmour gets to know some of the less popular cuts and explains why you should buy them.

The quest to save the banana from extinction

Biochemist Stuart Thompson tracks the banana from its origins on the island of Mauritius to its current endangered status.

Recipe: Feijoa, pear and raspberry crumble

Drowning in feijoas, or can't get enough of them? Either way, this is a delicious way to deal with a glut.

The Spinoff’s official canned wine power rankings

An increasing range of vino is now available in cans, so The Spinoff team took it upon themselves to review and rank each one.