The Amazon’s burning – and what you choose to eat plays a part 

Connecting your everyday choices at the supermarket to a crisis half a world away might be a hard concept get your head around, but we all have power to effect change, writes Hannah McGowan.

Hemp, pūhā and not a patty in sight: welcome to the future of burgers

A pair of innovative Kiwi startups have partnered with a Kiwi burger behemoth to bring two delicious, nutritious and under-appreciated local ingredients to the people.

Inside Wellington’s obsessive and hyper-competitive cheese scone scene

Alice Neville dives into Wellington's doughy underbelly to uncover the eye-opening truth about the capital's passion for this humble baked item.

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #97: Paradise Indian Food’s new bakery

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Alice Neville leads a team of taste-testers in sampling the latest string to Indian culinary powerhouse Paradise's bow. 

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Clarke Gayford on how to look after the ocean as we take from it

Kate Underwood shared some special seafood with Clarke Gayford and spoke to him about why the way we fish is so important.

A romantic candlelit dinner with 23 naked strangers

Josie Adams went along to the Naked Dinner and found it stimulated all the wrong hormones.

Recipe: Zingy beetroot and carrot salad

When you crave fresh, bright flavours but summer veges seem far away, throw together this simple salad.

The secret to raising hearty children? Baking in bulk (and this gingernut recipe)

At school camp, the children are banned from having phones, laptops, lollies, chocolate, money, cotton clothing or independent thoughts. They, are, however, allowed home baking – but it's gotta be hearty. 

Review: George Clooney’s sexy tequila

George Clooney sold his tequila company for a billion dollars – but is it any good? The Spinoff finds out. 

Hiakai review: Monique Fiso’s food is a loving, delicious tribute to Aotearoa

Simon Day dined alone at Monique Fiso's Wellington restaurant Hiakai, and discovered it was the perfect way to appreciate the meaning of this special food. 

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #94: Ōkato’s award-winning hot chips

We review the entire country and culture of New Zealand, one thing at a time. Today, Tara Ward taste-tests the best hot chips in the country.  

Stalks, pests and beer gone bad: Tricks of the trade from a no-waste dinner

Inspired by the ethos of food-rescue organisation Kaibosh, chef Kelda Hains looked to the past to champion unloved ingredients and showcase clever waste-minimising techniques at her All Taste, No Waste dinner. 

Natural progression: A Wellington craft beer crew open their first wine bar

The new joint from the team behind one of Wellington's favourite craft beer bars is dedicated to minimal-intervention, organic wine.

Cheat sheet: The trouble with tarakihi

We love it battered and served with chips, but tarakihi stocks aren't doing well and another big cut to commercial catch limits is in the works. 

Recipe: Seedy crackers

Good on their own, even better with cheese – these crisp, moreish crackers are destined to become your new go-to savoury snack.

How to get better at tasting wine? Start by smelling your world

Wine should be fun, not intimidating – all you need is a little knowledge. Yvonne Lorkin, co-founder and chief tasting officer of WineFriend, provides some simple tips to help you empower your palate.