Food media’s diversity problem: What NZ can learn from the Bon Appétit saga 

As the American media giant comes under fire for its treatment of POC contributors, it's time to talk about the whiteness of food media in Aotearoa.

So fresh, so green: Hophead heaven is harvest time in Nelson

An urgent excursion to her hoppy homeland shows Alice Neville why brewers and beer drinkers the world over seek out Nelson's pungent bounty.

Recipe: Banana, chocolate and star anise muffins

Spice up the classic banana muffin with a subtle touch of star anise.

The good, the bad, and the fishy: The complicated truth about fishing quotas

Is the quota management system a global success story or an overly generous, unsustainable scheme that is doing lasting damage to our fish stocks?

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What went wrong with Eat Local NZ?

Eat Local NZ promised a more ethical alternative to Uber Eats. Now its founder says he's 'devastated and defeated' after falling out with his Australian business partner.

A dog and its human taste-test Aotearoa’s poshest canine cuisine

We disregard commonsense and 'only for pet consumption' labelling to review dog food fit for a king.

Dietary Requirements: Politics, poutine and quarantine

We're joined by The Spinoff's resident poutine authority (and politics editor) Justin Giovannetti for our second together-but-apart Zoom pod.

Widespread failure to comply with level two hospitality rules, survey finds

Still unsure about what you need to do in restaurants and bars under level two? You're not alone.

Never let a good crisis go to waste: How our food sector can save NZ’s economy

NZ has the chance to become the world's most trusted food innovator – let's not blow it.

Recipe: Tahini chocolate chunk biscuits

The Middle Eastern sesame seed paste tahini adds a subtle flavour and lovely fine texture to these classic choc chunk biscuits.

Putting the focus on food security and community resilience post Covid-19

In throwing the issue of food security into sharp relief, the pandemic has underlined the importance of spaces like Christchurch's Roimata Food Commons.

‘Constant rule changes’ make for a tough start to alert level two for hospitality

It's been a return to normality for many of us, but anything but for hospo.

Hospitality sector reacts to Budget 2020: ‘I’m not as terrified as I was before’

What does this year's budget mean for one of the hardest-hit sectors post-lockdown?

On Alison Roman, food appropriation and cancel culture

What do you do when you’re brown and a white woman you like gets cancelled?

Wellington picks contact tracing app – so what about the rest of the country?

An app developed for the local hospitality industry has caught the eye of Wellington City Council.

With the delete Uber Eats campaign gathering pace, what are the alternatives?

Since Covid-19 hit the hospo industry hard, the tide has been turning against Uber Eats.