Don’t know what to say? Make these sympathy snacks

Dealing with grief is hard. Comfort carbs make it a little bit easier, says Amanda Thompson.

Why I love: Christchurch’s elusive but brilliant Afghani restaurant

Sure, you might turn up to find the lights off and the doors closed, but if you can catch it open for business, The Afghan Restaurant offers an unparalleled culinary experience.

Ch-ch-change range: Finding the best bang for your buck in New Zealand

A Madeleine Chapman guide to the best and worst of the change range.

Review: a day at DramFest, Christchurch’s utterly perfect whisky festival

More than 70 stands giving away more than 350 whiskies sounds like a recipe for chaos. Instead, it’s a near-perfect day out. 

Food Archive

Recipe: Tomato tarte tatin

A tarte tatin is a classic for a reason: simple (you don't have to make the pastry if you don't want to), elegant and delicious to boot. 

The best and worst alcohol-free beers for sale in NZ

Ever-increasing varieties of zero-alcohol beers beckon the sober or sober-curious from the supermarket shelf. But are any of them any good? We investigate. 

Five takeaways from the entrepreneur tackling food waste on a massive scale

What on earth do you do with 27 tonnes of tuna or 40 tonnes of artificial sweetener that's surplus to requirements?

Food podcast: We check into Hyderabad Hotel for biryani and beer slushies

This month, we’re joined by Jos Ruffell of Garage Project and Sammy Akuthota of Satya to talk about their exciting new venture.

The South Island and green onion chips: A love story for the ages

From the tip of Farewell Spit to the very arse end of Stewart Island, there is one delicacy that unites Te Wai Pounamu: the humble green onion chip. But why?

A tribute to the mightiest RTD of them all: the Gordon’s G&T

The new wave of RTDs might have cool labels and no carbs or whatever, but none come close to the perfection held within that little yellow can.

Why it’s time to break up with the disposable cup

Despite the rise and rise of reusable coffee cups, New Zealanders still throw away 295 million single-use cups every year.

Recipe: Blackberry and apple pie

If you're not the foraging type, fear not: supermarket berries will work just fine (but imagine how wholesome you'll feel if you pick your own!)

Plant-based industry hits back at Shane Jones’s red meat tirade

The minister has attacked plant-based producers for 'demonising' traditional agriculture. They've got a message for him, too.

Why everyone can (and should) join the composting revolution

Are you a time-poor urban apartment-dweller who's put composting in the too-hard basket? Read on...

Should vegetarians go vegan? Let’s weigh up the evidence

Some vegan groups claim the halfway step of vegetarianism is ineffectual if you really care about animal cruelty, climate change, or your own personal health.

Meat, mullets and masculinity: Two days at Meatstock 2020

Sam Brooks heads along to Meatstock 2020, and finds himself questioning the symbiotic relationship between meat-eating and machismo.