Fun, frolic, fire and food: Celebrating the Indian festival Makar Sankranti

Plus: a Punjabi recipe for spinach curry and exquisite chapati.

Recipe: Savoury scones

What's a lovely summer picnic without a lovely savoury scone?

The fall of Queen’s Rise? Auckland’s hot new dining precinct feels the pinch

Summer reissue: It was supposed to be Auckland's answer to Melbourne's laneways or New York's Chelsea Market, but the tenants of Queen's Rise have been dropping like flies.

From 7/11s to supermarchés: The true essence of travel is at the corner store

After touring the world with his band The Phoenix Foundation, Samuel Flynn Scott has figured out the real reason we travel – to nosy around where humans buy snacks.

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Pets or steak? The inside story of a bovine brouhaha in the suburbs

An urban farm in Auckland has been raising cows for meat for years. This time, they decided to involve the community in the process – but the backlash was so intense, the plan was canned.

The fraught social ritual of getting your round in

One of the many unspoken rules of British life is that when one is drinking at the pub with others, one buys rounds. For the naive New Zealander, it's stressful AF, says Elle Hunt.

All 123 chip flavours in New Zealand ranked from best to worst

Summer reissue: Madeleine Chapman goes through starchy hell to rank every flavour of chip available in New Zealand.

Leo Molloy is still sharpening his knives

Summer reissue: The bad boy of hospitality is nearing retirement age, yet his capacity for bitter feuds remains undiminished. Duncan Greive meets Leo Molloy, the Viaduct’s best host and worst enemy.

Recipe: Send off 2019 with a fresh peach bellini (or three)

Celebrate stonefruit season – and the end of this crazy old year – with a classy wee cocktail.

The people’s cup: How the Arcoroc mug took over New Zealand

Summer reissue: You know this mug, even if you think you don't. Hard to break, cheap as chips, filled with instant coffee or weak tea, it's the mug of the marae, the staff room, the factory canteen, the church hall. 

Tips for conquering the never-ending leftover Christmas ham

Simon Day shares his favourite leftover ham recipes.

Recipe: Festive blackcurrant meringues

Petrified of pav failure? This Christmas, why not make meringues instead. 

The 10 drinks that defined the decade in New Zealand 

We love a cheeky bevvy here in Aotearoa, but upon what have we been supping in the 2010s? These are 10 libations that capture the mood of the decade.

Food podcast: It’s our ham-crazed, Negroni-fuelled Christmas special

Dietary Requirements is The Spinoff’s monthly podcast in which we eat, drink and talk about it too, with special thanks to Freedom Farms. This month, we're joined by Hilary Pearson, general manager of Freedom Farms, for our Christmas episode.

Why Hawke’s Bay is mad for meatballs: The true story of an unsung Kiwi icon

From Waipukurau to Waipawa, Hastings to Havelock North, how did a humble crumbed meatball reach cult status? Fiona Fraser investigates the origins of this east coast delicacy.

Why giving beneficiaries meal kits is the wrong approach

The very idea that a meal kit is a suitable alternative to a food grant undermines the importance of autonomy and self-determination as human rights, writes Rebekah Graham.