A mayoral candidate contemplates eviction

Louise Hutt is running for mayor of Hamilton. This week she found out her landlord is selling her home. 

Your email confirms you are lining up beside the populists and fascists

Anjum Rahman received an email urging her to join the fight against the UN Global Compact on Migration. This was her response

Crocodile in the river: How public servants avoid being eaten by the OIA

Random attacks are only a moment's inattention away so government officials learn to watch their step when committing anything to the written record, writes Tony Burton.

There’s a land in the South Pacific where you can vote based on owning property

Julienne Molineaux explains a strange relic in the local body electoral system.

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Housing crisis history repeats as Ardern breaks up the housing job

Phil Twyford has avoided an official demotion in the Cabinet reshuffle, but the breakup of the housing portfolio reveals the desperate state of the KiwiBuild programme he oversaw

I never thought I would support this bill. But, then, there’s Mum

The End of Life Choice Bill passed its second reading last night by 70 to 50. Among a number of heartfelt speeches was this, from Willie Jackson.

1000 words: David White and *those* Colin Craig photos

1000 Words is a Spinoff series talking to the photographers behind our most iconic political images. This time, Don Rowe speaks to David White, the photographer who shot Colin Craig lying in the grass. 

Amy Adams is quitting. Does Bridges dare replace her with his top performer?

National's finance spokesperson Amy Adams will leave parliament in 2020, and has stepped down from her frontbench roles with immediate effect.

Where will the children play? Carving space for youth in politics

Government policies affect us all, so surely children should get a say? Alice Burton reports on how providing children with both information and a listening ear is important for encouraging their participation in politics.

Time to regulate the lobbyists

Currently, there is no system in place to regulate lobbying in New Zealand. But in light of recent revelations around lobbyist-turned-chief-of-staff GJ Thompson, the argument for change is stronger than ever.

The curious case of the #National2020 newspaper ad that National disavows

A prominent ad promoting the National Party and the CEO of Air New Zealand, Christopher Luxon, could be in breach of the law. 

Revealed: Christopher Luxon is not definitely the next National PM

The CEO of Air New Zealand Christopher Luxon has resigned, leading to feverish speculation that not only will he get into politics, but that he’ll be the next National PM. Why?

The two policies that will define our zero carbon future

With the release of the Zero Carbon Bill, Flick CEO Steve O’Connor worries that our zero carbon ambitions will be impeded by an electricity market that’s not working as it should.

David Seymour is tilting at free-speech windmills

The ACT leader has unveiled his 'Freedom to Speak Bill'. But the case law makes it clear that the laws he seeks to reform are not the terrifying, freedom crushing beasts he has made them out to be

Nothing to declare: new questions in lobbyist-turned-chief-of-staff saga

Correspondence released under the OIA suggests that GJ Thompson, the lobbyist who took a ‘leave of absence’ to work alongside Jacinda Ardern, failed to meet undertakings

The Spinoff Reviews New Zealand #86: ACT’s brand new podcast

ACT has launched a podcast called Politics in Full Sentences as part of their party-wide rebrand. Is it any good?