Credit cards out: Where all that infrastructure money should be spent

Where should Grant Robertson splash the cash first? 

Dear Prime Minister: Please stop punishing beneficiaries in relationships

An alliance of groups is calling for an end to the law that can see people’s income support curbed if Work and Income NZ staff deem them to be in a relationship.

The one golden rule for politicians on Twitter

The latest idiotic tweet by a politician comes from National’s Jo Hayes, who launched an unprovoked attack on a Labour supporter, calling him ‘ugly’.

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Why the time is ripe for my optimistic, bright green new party

Critics call it a rightwing conspiracy, or attempt to attack the messenger, but they overlook what a new Sustainable NZ Party can offer.

Jacinda Ardern: 40 years on, we apologise for the state response on Erebus

A 'whole-hearted and wide reaching' apology for the decisions taken by Air New Zealand and the government in the aftermath of the tragedy on the slopes of Mt Erebus

National’s youth justice policy is a solution in search of a problem

The Opposition's newly released law and order policy makes some claims that aren't based in fact, argues Dr Nessa Lynch, an associate professor at the Faculty of Law at Victoria University of Wellington.

The very young Nat: Does the 17-year-old stand a chance in Palmerston North?

And how did William Woods, who is still at school, with the National Party candidacy in the first place?

Simon Bridges: A response to my old mate, Chester Borrows, on crime and justice

The National Party leader responds to criticisms of his rhetoric by a former caucus colleague.

Glossary: How to get your head around the NZ First donations controversy

Confused about the various details and characters involved in the NZ First Foundation saga?

Why Behrouz Boochani should indeed seek asylum in New Zealand

NZ is far from perfect on asylum, but I hope our Iranian guest will still apply to stay.

‘Tough on crime’ rhetoric is cheap, easy and terrifyingly effective

Chester Borrows: Why do we keep falling for politicians who promise that the latest crackdown on crime will work?

Only one parliamentary party lacks a Māori leader. Here’s how they fix it

If Labour MPs are serious about the Treaty and its promise of power-sharing – and if the members and delegates are keen to honour their party’s special history with Māori …

The reversal of the prisoner voting ban is a big move, and especially sweet for two men

Many prisoners who had the vote taken away from them will now see their rights restored.

National MP alleges ‘state sponsored brainwashing’ over NCEA question

Farmers on social media and National MP Amy Adams have responded with fury to an NCEA English exam question that included discussion of water quality.

The school donation ban kicks in next year. Here’s how principals will try to get around it

Though a government scheme to get rid of school donations is yet to begin, schools are looking for ways to push its rules to the limit.