'Look at the language: men are bold, women are vindictive' – ex-PM Jenny Shipley on depictions of politicians (WATCH)

In the fourth extended interviews with former PMS, Jenny Shipley mounts a robust defence of the welfare reforms she oversaw, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Winston Peters, and points to sexism in political commentary.

Stuck in traffic: How the government is exploiting the Auckland transport crisis for votes

The minister of finance just announced a multi-billion dollar spend up - and Auckland should be very worried. Simon Wilson explains how the government’s traffic plans are badly stuck.

Planes, trains and automobiles: inside the playground fight over the way to Auckland airport

Auckland Transport wants a rail line from the CBD to the airport, and so does Council. Then why does a start date seem further away than ever? Simon Wilson examines what’s gone wrong and how to make it right in the dispute over rail to the airport.