Will MPs let voters make the call on euthanasia?

If David Seymour’s assisted dying bill gets knocked out in Parliament, hopes of a referendum at the 2020 election die with it, writes Graham Adams.  

Scott Morrison hails ‘miracle’ as Coalition snatches shock victory in Australia

All the polls pointed to a Labor win in Australia yesterday. That's not what happened at all, writes Michelle Grattan.

The breakaway Christian party: a gamble, gambit or godsend?

For the National opposition, a breakaway Christian party is a Hail Mary of the highest order.

Disenfranchised and disenchanted: a Kiwi on Australia’s strange election

It’s Scomo versus Shorten as Australians go the polls today, ending an all-pervading campaign. New Zealander Paul Davies has been watching it from his sofa

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What the Royal Commission needs to do to get its Christchurch inquiry right

The Royal Commission investigating the March 15 attacks will look to determine if the event could (and should) have been prevented.

Will it be ScoMo or Shorten? What to watch for in the Aussie election

Our old mates the Australians are going to the polls on Saturday.

Trevor Mallard and Nick Smith are at it again. But this time is the speaker biased?

It's just the latest salvo exchanged by the veteran pair. The more important question, however, is whether the accusations of bias hold up 

Everything you need to know about the report into beneficiary fraud investigations

A report into the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) revealed that the means of investigating benefit fraud, in particular, the relationship statuses of beneficiaries, infringed on their right to privacy.

The paradoxes of drug testing

As the referendum approaches and the road toll rises, the government is under pressure to solve the paradox of drug testing, writes Don Rowe.

The Christchurch Call is a small, welcome step. Here’s what needs to come next

If we want to reduce the harm done by social media in any meaningful and sustainable way, we have to address the root causes, writes Marianne Elliott Read the full text …

The Christchurch call: full text

What is the Christchurch call?

A huge chunk of crime affects a tiny group of people. Why?

A major new survey paints a complex picture of the cycle of offending, incarceration and victimisation. 

It beggars belief that we’re still doing this to people clawing their way off welfare

The refusal to take up recommendations that would have incentivised people on a benefit in seeking part-time work is bizarre and mean-spirited

Memo to the National Party: you’re not actually the government any more

Paula Bennett's refusal to go head-to-head with Chloe Swarbrick on the cannabis referendum suggests Bridges' team is yet to come to terms with what it means to be in opposition

Primary and secondary teachers vote for ‘mega strike’: all you need to know

Votes taken across the two big teachers’ unions, which represent almost 50,000 members, will bring a mass classroom closure across the country on May 29.

The time to build a zero carbon future isn’t later – it’s now

Maulik Thakkar of climate action organisation Generation Zero explains why the time to begin reducing our emissions is now, rather than settling for a slow reduction in emissions over the coming decades.