A tale of two minor parties: Lessons for 2023 for TOP and the New Conservatives

Both spent their campaigns pushing issues they believed weren't getting enough attention – and both polled at about 1.5%.

Be fearless: Sandra Lee’s advice for Chlöe Swarbrick, 27 years after she stormed Auckland Central

The MP for Auckland Central from 1993-1996 had some words of wisdom for the Green Party’s Chlöe Swarbrick on Sunday’s post-election episode of Gone By Lunchtime.

Live updates, October 21: Covid case visited Auckland pub, patrons told to self-isolate

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

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Voting patterns are more volatile than ever and will bring a stark test for Labour

What is vote volatility and how will it affect the Labour Party over the next three years?

Solved: The mystery of Nick Smith’s ‘jam and scones’ election billboard

It was the campaign we could have all got behind: strong tea, more jam, better scones. How the heck did that sign end up on Nick Smith’s wall? 

The only two words at parliament this week: no comment

Welcome to parliament, post-election, where everyone is zipping it, sweetie.

Live updates, October 20: ‘Major’ Covid-19 outbreak at Christchurch isolation facility

All the latest New Zealand news, updated throughout the day.

Election night 2020: All the misery, all the tumescent joy

Freebase election night with this video stimulant.

What this election means for Pasifika

National's Pacific MPs are gone, the Greens have their first, and Labour's Pasifika caucus is now its biggest ever.

Week in memes: Tōfā soifua to 19 National MPs

You can't throw a rock without hitting a piece of election analysis, so instead of adding to the pile, here's an assortment of memes.

Will Labour swipe right on the Greens to govern?

With the government set to take shape in the next few weeks, Labour and the Greens will have to decide on the nature of their relationship for the next three years. Andrew Geddis takes us through the options at hand. 

Jacinda Ardern and transforming the would-be transformer

The self-proclaimed governors of transformation have not so far infused the ‘wellbeing’ idea they trumpeted into everyday speech. Do they dare do so now?

From ‘beacon of hope’ to ‘incompetent’: world media on Jacinda Ardern’s big election win

The common theme in international media is the Labour leader as antithesis to Donald Trump – but not everyone is bowled over.

The National Party looks to get up again

How can National scrape itself off the canvas after a big defeat? We talk to MPs and members.