Grant Robertson is about to undergo his first big test. He has a lot to prove

The finance minister is about to find out just how difficult it is to keep both constituents and political allies happy, writes Massey University's Grant Duncan.

It’s me, Simon: the Bridges show rolls into Helensville

The leader of the opposition has lately been touring the small towns and outer city suburbs. Why? Alex Braae went to Huapai in northwest Auckland to find out. 

From house to house: the NZ MP with the longest commute

For Sarah Dowie, the commute from Invercargill to work in Wellington typically eats up at least half a day.

Has Simon Bridges trickled to the right of David Seymour and Jordan Williams?

Given he's regarded as a leader from the pragmatic centrist side of the National Party, it was puzzling to hear Simon Bridges this morning apparently endorse trickle-down theory.

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Politics podcast: waka jumping, fuel taxing and rumour mongering

Back once again with the renegade bluster, the Gone By Lunchtime team climb many flights of stairs in the cause of NZ political discourse. 

But where was the roar? Watching the Hillary Clinton show in Auckland

There was no sign of the promise she'd 'let her guard down', and flashes of Sarcastic Wine Mom aside, Hillary Clinton offered little more than platitudes at Spark Arena.

Government’s health budget must look to the future of care

The health sector needs significant investment, but where is that money going to come from? Grant Thornton’s Pam Newlove says the government needs to look to the private sector.

Seven ways of looking at the Clarke Gayford rumours

National-aligned smear campaign? Idiot Aucklanders? How to explain the way the story exploded ...

The waka-jumping bill: a bad solution to a non-existent problem

From Green leader Jeanette Fitzsimons urges MPs to chuck the legislation on the fire

What the shit is going on with those Clarke Gayford rumours?

The Herald has reported that untrue things are being said about Jacinda Ardern’s partner. Here’s what we know so far.

Judith Collins is right: Jacinda Arden is an inveterate virtue-signaller

The country is changing. And in contrasting herself from her predecessor and advocating for this change, the PM is wielding her awesome and terrible powers of virtue-signalling.

Koreans around the world see through the cartoonish takes from western media

Hyper-sensalitionism clouds the true gravity of the moves towards reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula, write two Korean New Zealanders.

New poll reveals the post-election political battleground

UMR survey shows National largely resistant to the Labour surge, though Jacinda Ardern's party has made inroads among centre voters, writes Stephen Mills Between June 2017 and February 2018 Jacinda Ardern …

Pull the other one. Of course NZ must launch an inquiry into banking

We must follow the Australians' lead and scrutinise our industry, writes the head of a KiwiSaver provider

Could one handshake herald peace at last for Korea?

Last night North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un and South Korean president Moon Jae-in pledged a new era of friendship between the two countries. Is peace finally about to come for the people of Korea?

Why have Thompson & Clark been allowed to keep spying on us, in your name?

The list of state agencies using these private investigators to spy on lawful protesters continues to grow, and it is an assault on democracy, writes Frances Mountier.