Why is it a ‘contempt’ for an MP (or a journalist) to call Trevor Mallard biased?

Accusing parliament’s Speaker of behaving in a biased fashion undermines the necessary authority of the office

How NZ can play a part in Korea’s dream of reunification

Following the South Korean president's visit, what can we can do to help restore lasting peace on the peninsula?

My beef-only week living as Jordan Peterson

Jordan Peterson, the polarising Canadian psychologist, is coming to New Zealand in February. In an attempt to understand his appeal, Madeleine Chapman spent a week in Peterson's beef-filled shoes.

What you need to know about the mental health inquiry report

Thousands of views were taken in, meetings were held up and down the country, experts were questioned, and it all fed into a massive report on the state of our mental health system.

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‘Once in a generation’: The crucial passages from the mental health inquiry

A hugely important report seeks to effect a ‘paradigm change’ in NZ mental health services. Here are the essential findings and recommendations.

How small states like NZ could save the superpowers from disaster

The man who must not be named dominates all discussion, but there is cause for some optimism springing from the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

It’s raining referendums, hallelujah

New Zealanders could be getting votes on cannabis reform, MMP and assisted dying – but politicians have a bunch of questions to answer first

Why Iain Lees-Galloway should resign (and why he shouldn’t)

A sprint through the arguments for and against the immigration minister getting the boot.

Green Party calls on government to urgently repeal prisoner voting ban

The support party has called for a change in the law that sees incarcerated people ‘unjustifiably denied the right to vote’.

New Zealand wants to be a ‘bridge’ to China? Careful we don’t get walked over

When it comes to tension between the US and China, National and Labour are on the same side – the fence. Guyon Espiner examines a foreign policy that tries to have it both ways. 

Andrew Little: NZ is watching Facebook closely and will take action if needed

The justice minister says he’s keenly watching the UK-led inquiry into fake news and Facebook and backs calls for the company to be held accountable.

We cross live to Golriz Ghahraman in Hamilton

Hamilton Press Club life president Steve Braunias reveals the next guest speaker at the most glamorous social event in New Zealand journalism held in Hamilton.

Facebook is finally being called to account around the world. Why not in New Zealand?

Parliaments including the UK, Australia, Canada and Brazil are waking up to the role of the social media giant. Why is NZ asleep?

The idea of NZ as a bridge between the US and China is 100% pure fantasy

Washington and Beijing won't be fooled by the bridge and broker rhetoric. They know that should push come to shove New Zealand will have to make a choice.

Announced: the date after which blaming the last government is banned

‘Nine long years’ is a jazz standard in political debate. Using opinions and mathematics we have settled on the moment from which it is no longer acceptable to use this rhetorical device

Why didn’t we strike under National?

For a long time, it seemed that strikes were a thing of the past – and then, under an ostensibly more worker-friendly government, they came roaring back. So why now? Trade unionist Alastair Reith provides a view from the left.