Nightmare scenario for Simon Bridges as Jami-Lee Ross complaint referred to SFO

After happily attacking the government on capital gains tax for the past few weeks, Simon Bridges finds himself again on the back foot

Great news! NZ’s best political drama of 2018 has been renewed

Catch up again with beloved household names like Jami-Lee Ross and Simon Bridges.

Why I’m not striking

It may be a noble ambition, but this is a misguided, misdirected effort, and has the potential to block the path to a healthier planet

Why we’re striking

This Friday's climate strike is our way of showing that we can change the world, we can face down those who disregard and ignore us

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Strike! Why industrial action is up under Labour

There were more strikes last year than in any of the previous 10 years. RNZ political reporter Gia Garrick looks at why and whether Labour's historic relationship with the unions could lose the party its public support.

Amy Adams: Labour cannot outsource its tax advocacy to Cullen

New Zealand’s tax debate is not helped by Government hiring Cullen as CGT booster, writes National’s finance spokesperson Amy Adams.

All the reasons students wag school that aren’t climate activism

In the lead up to the student-led climate strikes, the Spinoff asked its readers for their own reasons for skipping school.

Politics podcast: Good-time tax chats with your pals

Annabelle Lee, Ben Thomas and Toby Manhire send their lifeboats into the great capital gains tax minestrone ocean.

Kiwi jihadi Mark Taylor doesn’t belong in Kurdish jail. He belongs behind NZ bars

Taylor shouldn't be left to rot in a Syrian jail, not because we're bleeding hearts, but because it's our obligation to charge him here.

Our tax system is rigged. A Capital Gains Tax would help address that

A capital gains tax is urgently needed not so much for the revenue it will raise, but because the tax system is currently fundamentally unfair.

The best argument against lowering the MMP threshold? Winston Raymond Peters

Winston Peters has spent decades gaming MMP to keep himself in the position of king (or queen) maker. Asks Danyl Mclauchlan, are we really going to make it even easier for politicians like him?

The Goldilocks Line: Why the MMP threshold matters

How high is too high for the line that separates the political contenders and pretenders?

The goal of Korean peace is much bigger than these two men

The Hanoi Summit - the second of its kind between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un - has disappointingly ended with no agreement being reached. Rebecca Jaung writes about the ramifications.

The power of Jacindamania could help fight climate change. Will Ardern use it?

Jacinda Ardern's personality, relative youth and air of doing things differently are winning over the centre, but she needs to get moving on climate change.

Does Cameron Slater’s departure from Whale Oil signal the end of an era?

After news of Cameron Slater's departure from Whale Oil, Liam Hehir reflects on the fading influence of New Zealand's politics blogs.

CGT hissing proves how entrenched our unfair tax system is

Literally decades worth of untaxed capital gains have created a political nightmare for the government.