A Labour volunteer alleged a violent sexual assault by a Labour staffer. This is her story

A woman who says she was subject of a sustained sexual assault by a Labour staffer has for the first time described the harrowing events and the botched internal investigation which followed.

Over-regulating e-cigarettes hurts those who need them most

Heavy-handed regulation of the vaping industry will only help Big Tobacco, argues economist Jenesa Jeram.

Cheat sheet: Blueprint to rescue NZ waterways revealed

The government has just published its plan to halt the degradation of waterways and restore the health of freshwater over a generation. But one group says it 'throws farming under the tractor'.

How your power bill is made

In the third part of a new series with our partners at Flick Electric Co. to help you make better energy choices, Flick’s Nikki Cockburn explains what goes into power bill. 

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NZ must learn the lessons of East Timor, and break our silence on West Papua

Let us not again wait to speak out only to uncover the horrors later.

Cheat sheet: Megan Woods hits reset on the beleaguered KiwiBuild programme

The big 100,000 target goes in the bin, but what else is being done to fix this trainwreck of a policy?

Please, nobody tell the Home Office: I have failed at being British

Tests on citizenship are very revealing about our ideas of 'national identity', writes NZ-British human mashup Elle Hunt.

Free school lunches is just part of something much, much bigger

Last week saw the publication of the new Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy, on which the future of New Zealand quite literally depends.

What is Boris Johnson? An evolutionary biologist had the perfect term

The prime minister of Britain neatly fits the description of a ‘sneaky fucker’

For too long, NZ has looked the other way as civilians die in our wars

Some simple could bring radical impacts, write the authors of a new paper on civilian casualties in overseas conflict.

So, you want to hack New Zealand’s democracy?

A mystery donation to National has people asking how secure our electoral system is from corrupt foreign actors. Law expert Andrew Geddis explains what's at stake.

Cheat sheet: Boris Johnson goes prorogue and suspends UK parliament

Absolute scenes are unfolding in UK right now, with PM Boris Johnson getting an agreement from the Queen to suspend parliament.

Our unemployment statistics are ignoring those most in need of help

When is being unemployed not unemployed? A true measure would show more teens are without jobs than people who have supposedly 'retired', writes Tony Burton.

The parliamentary budget office should be just the beginning

The government’s plan to avoid another ‘fiscal hole’ fiasco has an unlikely fan: the chief economist of the corporate think tank New Zealand Initiative

Race briefing: The Otago Regional Council

Who is standing, what are the big issues, and how does the voting work?

NZ needs to join the rest of the world and ban prescription medicine ads

New Zealand is one of only two developed countries, along with the US, that permits direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription medicines, and it needs to stop, writes Dr David Menkes.