A system that can be hacked by lying is not a good system

Jacinda Ardern declared that an MIQ worker had lied. That should not be a sufficiently sophisticated technique to get around our border defences.

A day that laid bare the need for scrutiny of our Covid-19 response

A sobering picture of the shortcomings in the system.

Live animal exports have always been a problem

New Zealand is set to become the first country in the world to introduce a comprehensive ban on live animal exports. Here's why.

Tired of renting office space, parliament considers investing in a new build

For decades, many parliament staffers worked in a rented building that was both unsafe and extortionately priced.

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Little’s inaction is absurd – New Zealand needs drug law reform now

If Andrew Little cannot bear to front this himself, he should be moved aside by his prime minister.

Five pressing questions about the state of New Zealand’s vaccination programme

The jabs are coming, but lots of details are still missing.

The Sāmoa election hangs in the balance – here’s what happens next

The battle for political control is not yet resolved, but what is clear is this is the dawn of a new chapter for Sāmoan parliamentary democracy.

Live updates, April 12: Unvaccinated border worker ‘not vaccine hesitant’ – Hipkins

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Golriz Ghahraman: Why NZ’s south Asian communities are so nervous about the halt on arrivals from India

Division and social discord has undermined Covid-19 responses in other western nations. We must do everything we can to prevent that taking seed here.

Is banning all arrivals from India, including New Zealand citizens, actually legal?

It comes down to this: is such an unprecedented decision a 'demonstrably justified' limit on people’s rights, explains public law expert Andrew Geddis.

Sign me up: Why political parties are pushing petitions

They might want your email address more than they want your signature.

The air routes bringing in the most Covid to NZ aren’t flagged as ‘high risk’. Why not?

One route in particular is carrying high numbers of passengers with Covid-19, but crew working these flights aren't subject to the tightest restrictions.