A frame-by-frame analysis of Tova O’Brien’s hall-of-fame National shambles story

Last night New Zealand witnessed one of the most exhilarating, confronting political stories to air on national television.

Dominic Cummings went to Durham in lockdown, and bared his arse at Britain

The chief propagandist of rage against the privileged Westminster elite has proved himself the epitome of the privileged Westminster elite.

Bigger payouts for Covid beneficiaries could end up benefitting everyone

There's more to the finance minister's controversial move than meets the eye, argues Max Rashbrooke.

How Muller-mentum could change the political landscape

National has a new leader, and it could upend parts of the political map that previously looked much more stable.

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Green Party list ranking revealed: can this group lift them over the threshold?

Will the door be left open to a new National leadership, and does the party need to flex its muscle to get noticed in the coming months?

A new geopolitics will emerge from Covid-19, and NZ can be at its forefront

Nations that acted early and effectively – like New Zealand – have an important role to play in the global recovery.

Hooton is withdrawing from punditry. Critics say he’s at least a week late

Now that his old friend Todd Muller is National leader, Matthew Hooton is pulling back from political commentary. Critics say he should have done so before the contest kicked off.

Margaret Hayward on Norman Kirk, Jacinda Ardern and leadership

The former parliamentary secretary to Kirk compares the careers and qualities of two Labour prime ministers.

National voters were ready to fall in love. But they couldn’t love Simon Bridges

Charismatic leadership has historically been less important to voters on the right. But when the country was thrown into crisis the old rules suddenly no longer applied.

The National Party rolls the dice

Four months out from a general election, National has turfed out Simon Bridges and installed Todd Muller as leader.

Simon Bridges was brought down by his own shortcomings – and by terrible luck

Bridges will be licking his wounds right now, but don't count him out for good.

Here’s what you need to know about new National leader Todd Muller

Simon Bridges is no longer National Party leader. So who is this Muller chap it's got in to replace him?

Under cover of Covid, community input into RMA decisions is under threat

Proposed reforms to the RMA would see local communities' place in the decision-making process replaced by appointed 'Expert Consenting Panels'.

Covid-19, crisis and transformation: An interview with Jacinda Ardern

The prime minister on the crunch decisions as the coronavirus threat spread, what comes next, and the 'transformational' idea.

Politics podcast: The bloody battle for the National Party leadership

The Gone By Lunchtime team offer a bold and, frankly, mind-blowing verdict on what will go down.

National needs the leadership challenge to be a clean kill. It won’t be one

The divisions roiling National might be forgivable if they resulted in a newly invigorated party. That seems highly unlikely now.