Yes, 'white, middle class' Rohan Lord would have lost the election. So?

Labour candidate Rohan Lord announced yesterday that he was withdrawing from the East Coast Bays race, blaming his low placing on the party list and the barrier to progress which is being a white middle class man. So much for party loyalty, writes Ben Thomas.

Has post-RIP TPP, minus USA, already been OKed by NZ MPs? IMO, No

It seemed Trump had killed the TPP, but it has sprung back to life with English's visit to Japan. His confidence that that the NZ parliament has already approved a TPP11 is misplaced, however, writes Andrew Geddis.

The Figure-Friday quiz: have things really changed since 1987?

In 1987, an election was held, petrol was cheaper, and people were fewer. But how much has really changed in New Zealand in 30 years? Take the quiz to test your knowledge of 1987.