The Christchurch Call is a small, welcome step. Here’s what needs to come next

If we want to reduce the harm done by social media in any meaningful and sustainable way, we have to address the root causes, writes Marianne Elliott Read the full text …

The Christchurch call: full text

What is the Christchurch call?

A huge chunk of crime affects a tiny group of people. Why?

A major new survey paints a complex picture of the cycle of offending, incarceration and victimisation. 

It beggars belief that we’re still doing this to people clawing their way off welfare

The refusal to take up recommendations that would have incentivised people on a benefit in seeking part-time work is bizarre and mean-spirited

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Memo to the National Party: you’re not actually the government any more

Paula Bennett's refusal to go head-to-head with Chloe Swarbrick on the cannabis referendum suggests Bridges' team is yet to come to terms with what it means to be in opposition

Primary and secondary teachers vote for ‘mega strike’: all you need to know

Votes taken across the two big teachers’ unions, which represent almost 50,000 members, will bring a mass classroom closure across the country on May 29.

The time to build a zero carbon future isn’t later – it’s now

Maulik Thakkar of climate action organisation Generation Zero explains why the time to begin reducing our emissions is now, rather than settling for a slow reduction in emissions over the coming decades.

The forces that define your power bill

In the first part of a series by our friends at Flick Electric to help you make better electricity choices for your wallet and the environment, Flick’s Nikki Cockburn explains what spot pricing is and how it impacts your power bill. 

Our MPs’ pecuniary interests in 10 numbers

The annual list of which MP owns what, and who's greasing their palms is out. We break it down in 10 easy numbers.

I begged for help for my special needs child – and I got it. But there’s a catch

Jai Breitnauer wrote that she was at her 'wit's end' over a lack of funding for her child with autism spectrum disorder. Then the Ministry of Education stepped in. Is it a happy ending? Only sort of, she writes.

James Shaw and the zero hour

James Shaw tells the Spinoff why he's been bending over backwards to National's support.

The first stop in a Zero Carbon future should be an end to fossil-fuelled cars

Now is the perfect time to announce a future ban on sales of fossil fuel cars, argues Wayne Mapp.

Zero Carbon Bill revealed: everything you need to know

Gases primarily emitted by agriculture get special treatment, and the law will not stand alone. 

What we know about the cannabis referendum in 10 easy questions

The government wants to call the vote on legalising marijuana a binding referendum but it isn't a binding referendum

Sorry, but the cannabis vote is going to look a lot like the flag referendum

Tribal party loyalties will play a big part, writes Andrew Geddis.

What you will – and won’t – be voting for in next year’s cannabis referendum

What will the question be? Will there be legislation and can the government elected in 2020 change it? And are cannabis cafes on the horizon?