The Spinoff’s TV Week: Brave Blockheads, Kitchen Quitters and Sunkissed Sheeran

Bringing together the TV moments on the week, including Masterchef shockers, Sunday night monsters and Ed Sheeran at the beach. Contributions by Alex Casey and Calum Henderson.

Recap: Masterchef NZ, Week Seven – Deconstructing the Onscreen Villainy of Marco Pierre White

"White has been crafting his telly persona for years, making cooks shake and cry and shout 'YES MARCO' and accept treatment unfit for prisoners of war - just because he's good at making dinner."

Recap: Shortland Street Power Rankings – TK’s Right Thumb Hitchhikes a Ride Into the Spotlight

"Ben Mitchell proves that having a bung arm only enhances a powerful actor. In fact, his performance is on par with Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot. Just with one right thumb."

Recap: The Men’s Panel on Good Morning Tackle Grumpy Women Once and For All

"You’d think they were giving tips on using voice commands to control a dysfunctional Furby, not ways to communicate with another equal adult human."

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Recap: Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, Week Two – Rachel Mends Her Feverish Heart

"Full of questions, she heads to a plastic surgeon to get her supermodel appearance ripped to shreds by an old man wearing a surgical cap covered in jovial peace signs."

Recap: Masterchef, Week Six – From an Ugly Baby Bird to a Beautiful Cream Puff Swan

"Yeah, you could put a crumb on it, Hayley. It's Masterchef NZ, there's only one rule: when in doubt, add a crumb. Don't think too hard; just crisp something up, sprinkle it on top, and say it's for 'textural contrast'"

A Week of It: Abseiling, Cow Milking and Chip Chomping Through a Week of The Ladies of ZM

"Sometimes I got really worried that, through some freak natural disaster, all of mankind is destroyed and all that remains of our existence are radio broadcasts from survey week"

Recap: Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty – A Skunk By Any Other Name Would Still Smell As Sweet

Alex Casey recaps episode one of Rachel Hunter's Tour of Beauty, and unlocks the secrets of the French including skunk perfume and wine-based massages.

A Week of It: Getting Horribly Lost Through the Hourglass – A Week of Days of Our Lives

"If you want to fit in on Days of Our Lives, just chuck on a funky Ezibuy tunic and pour yourself a vino mate." – Alex Casey watches a week of the baffling soap.

Recap: Masterchef NZ, Week Five – Gently Mopping Up the Competition

"Al whips out a shiny coin and the contestants flip it for heads or tails. Weirdly, nobody asks Mark for his restaurant's financial ledger so we can check if he's spending 70% of his budget on luxury candles"

The Spinoff’s TV Week: Local Car Wrecks, Rising Radio Punks and Brazenly Sweaty Broads

Bringing together the best and weirdest TV moments of the week, including a raging radio docs, the return of Broad City and Hayley Holt tackling Back Benches.

Appointment Viewing: Eat, Drink, Love Plates Up a Feminist Answer to Masterchef

Alex Casey watches Eat, Drink, Love, a reality series following some of the feistiest women trying to climb to the top of the fickle LA food ladder.

Recap: Masterchef, Week Four – Popcorn Livers and Contestant Courting

"Mystery Box reveals are always a little disappointing for me because they hardly ever contain live weasels, 500 small crabs in a burlap sack, or a freshly whelped human infant."

A Week of It: Meat Packs, Horrible Buggers and Whistleblowers – The First Week of TV3’s Story

Story’s launch last week was the most important new show of the year for TV3. Duncan Greive watched every episode, and reports on how its first week fared.

Recap: Shortland Street Power Rankings – Feasting, Mumbling and Whirlwind Romancing

Tara Ward ranks her favourite moments from the past week of Ferndale hijinks. This week: Pania takes the crazy cake, Chris yells about butchery and TK mumbles his way through every conversation.

The Spinoff’s TV Week: Skippy Skype Connections, Satanic Snacks and Scary Synthetic Servants

Bringing together the TV moments on the week, including Story's meaty first week on TV3, Brown Eye's finale on child poverty and the heavenly hors-d'oeuvres of Gloriavale.