Google goes nuclear, threatening to pull the plug on its search engine in Australia

And with Facebook considering an 'amputation' it's all getting pretty ugly.

Beyond AirPods: The best true wireless earbuds

Think a good pair of wireless earbuds means shelling out for Apple's ubiquitous white sticks? Think again.

Apple’s new all-in-one subscription package, explained

Apple has finally announced its long-anticipated content bundle Apple One. So what do you get, and for how much?

Why news websites survived the cyber attacks that took down the NZ stock exchange

Over most of last week, the NZX had to pause because of persistent cyber attacks. Similar attacks have today been reported against news websites.

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My month with a $13,000 TV

With a TV like the Samsung Q950TS it's possible to set up your living room like a cinema, but ultimately it shouldn’t matter what screen you watch your favourite films and shows on.

Facial recognition technology is here. New Zealand’s law is nowhere near ready

Without a strong legal and ethical framework and clear policy for use, FRT can have grave implications for individual and collective rights.

‘Download the app, then use it’ leaves too many of us out of contact tracing efforts

Focusing only on tech solutions to New Zealand's contact tracing challenges ignores the needs of the fifth of the population who are digitally excluded.

This small, ultra-basic computer is the key to my work-from-home productivity

Finding it hard to focus in this era of remote work and pandemic-induced anxiety? A scaled-down tablet and keyboard set-up might be the productivity hack you're looking for.

Both the UK and the US have cancelled Huawei. Should NZ be next?

What's with all the geopolitical hostilities involving the giant Chinese tech company?

Technology to serve humankind: a New Zealand studio with an ethics-first mission

Russell Brown talks to RUSH Digital about being an ethics-first business in the competitive world of technology design.

Despite its starry backers’ claims, the CovidCard is no magic solution

The Bluetooth-enabled tracking device is being sold as a more effective alternative to the Covid Tracer app, but the brutal truth is that neither are the miracle solution we want.

How Tinder’s algorithm is micromanaging your dating life 

Tinder became the world's most popular dating app by promising serendipitous connections with strangers, but there's nothing random about the way it works.

A 2020 buyer’s guide to Android phones in New Zealand

When the iPhone owns less than half the market, what are the best Android alternatives at every budget?

What digital contact tracing looks like around the world

A week ago, New Zealand launched its official contact tracing app. So how does it compare to some of those overseas?

NZ Covid Tracer won’t help open a travel bubble with Australia any time soon

An Australian technology expert looks at the pros and cons of New Zealand's contact tracing app, and compares it with the Australian version, COVIDSafe.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Contact tracing apps, explained

Speed is of the essence when breaking any chains of transmission, and that's where contact tracing apps come in.