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When the iPhone owns less than half the market, what are the best Android alternatives at every budget?

What digital contact tracing looks like around the world

A week ago, New Zealand launched its official contact tracing app. So how does it compare to some of those overseas?

NZ Covid Tracer won’t help open a travel bubble with Australia any time soon

An Australian technology expert looks at the pros and cons of New Zealand's contact tracing app, and compares it with the Australian version, COVIDSafe.

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You can now download the government's official contact tracing app, which they've released to aid in the fight against Covid-19.

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Apple’s newest phone is a great value lockdown tech upgrade.

Google mobility data shows consistent lockdown behaviour during week three

The third week of lockdown mobility data reveals NZ remains compliant with lockdown measures. 

Fresh Google mobility data shows NZ’s lockdown behaviour remains consistent – with one regional exception

The second week of lockdown mobility data reveals NZ remains compliant with lockdown measures. 

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We’re all spending a fair amount of time on our phones and computers these days. Here are some simple ways to make that time safer.

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How the shift to digital public services is leaving people behind

As government agencies prioritise online interaction, what does it mean for those who just don't have the digital literacy? A new report explores the scale of digital exclusion in NZ.

Stasher: The ‘Airbnb for luggage’ launches in NZ

UK company Stasher allows travellers to store their luggage while offering local businesses a way to earn extra cash. The CEO Jacob Wedderburn-Day explains how the business works.

Weird flex, but OK: Why Samsung thinks you want a flip phone in 2020

Have we reached peak smartphone? Henry Burrell reviews the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, an engineering marvel which all but highlights how few ways there are to improve phones in 2020.