Covid-19: What does ‘self-isolation’ mean in practice?

Pretty much everyone arriving in NZ soon must undertake a fortnight of self-isolation. Here’s what that involves.

Yes, this will hurt our economy. Letting Covid-19 take grip would hurt us more

Siouxsie Wiles on the contrasting responses by leaders in the US, Britain and New Zealand.

Harsh, loud and full of conflict: The chaotic reality of the Australian media landscape

Nine, Newscorp and the intense aesthetics of the Aussie media.

After ‘Flatten the Curve’, we must now ‘Stop the Spread’. Here’s what that means

We must act quickly, with no half-measures. Dr Siouxsie Wiles explains why, with a new animation from Toby Morris.

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Covid-19 is now officially a pandemic. Here’s what you need to do about it

It is not a time for panic. It is, however, a time to draw up a pandemic preparedness plan.

Once I was fluent in te reo. Now I’m trying to recover what I lost

As rumaki reo classes and other kura reo begin again for the year, journalist Te Aniwa Hurihanganui reflects on coming full circle back to te reo Māori.

The rot may be so deep we need a wholly new generation of political leaders

The donations scandal looks very different if we see ourselves not as Labour supporters or National voters but as citizens of a country whose politicians are selling us all out

TVNZ and RNZ might soon become siblings. Ireland has some advice

The proposed merger of RNZ and TVNZ has one clear international precedent – Irish national broadcaster RTÉ.

The three phases of Covid-19 – and how we can make it manageable

Here's how the coronavirus is likely to progress among humans, and what we can do to snuff it out.

Little things lost

A new essay by Linda Burgess.

Ethnography of a Ranfurly Man, a story about man and beer

"Darren only drank Ranfurly Draught. Only in the large 440ml cans, and only at room temperature."

How to get rid of Covid-19 from surfaces the right way

Things that lots of people touch are a playground for coronaviruses. Here's how to nuke 'em.

The Side Eye: The high price of bad teeth

We've all got teeth, so why can only some of us afford to look after them?

Some advice for Simon Bridges on being responsible in a health emergency

Time to tone down the anecdotal criticisms, and rein in MPs urging people to panic-buy.

Offer the light: Taking in the last Test overs of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney

Listening in to the last call of Bryan Waddle and Jeremy Coney on Radio Sport.