How 5G and Covid-19 mixed to make a toxic conspiracy cocktail

Two conspiracy theories have merged into something very nasty online and into the real world.

Review: TV adaptation of The Luminaries has both the glitter and the gold

The Man Booker prize-winning novel arrives on our screens, but does it make it the transition unscathed?

The real Tongan boys of ‘Ata were not the real Lord of the Flies

An excerpt in The Guardian claimed to have discovered the story of the "real Lord of the Flies". It erased the voices of the boys themselves and the Tongan values and knowledge systems that prepared them for survival.

Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Simple rules to play it safe at alert level two

Siouxsie Wiles explains the state of Covid-19 in New Zealand, the risks we face in alert level two, and some simple ways we can keep safe.

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On Alison Roman, food appropriation and cancel culture

What do you do when you’re brown and a white woman you like gets cancelled?

The tourism crisis as seen from Clyde, the tiny town in the Central Otago mountains

How will a tiny historic town in Central Otago survive the tourism slump?

The epic story of NZ’s communications-led fight against Covid-19

How an extraordinary communications effort stepped up to help a country judged chronically ill-prepared for a pandemic.

Art in the waiting room

There is art at the hospital, even in intensive care – but the price of seeing it is everything. 

Apiecalypse now: The baker battling lockdown bleakness with pastry

While many have taken to channelling their emotions into baking these past weeks, none have nailed it quite like Devoney Scarfe.

Punakaiki: What the Covid-19 crisis means for a small West Coast tourist town

With 75 people residents scattered along a remote section of the West Coast, what does the future look like for the town with the famous pancake rocks?

‘She deserved so much more’: On losing Mum in lockdown

A country in lockdown adds another level of loneliness to death, writes Amberleigh Jack.

Fast-food shaming is not about backing your local, it’s about being an asshole

Perhaps it's time to ask yourself some hard questions about why you really disapprove so much.

The Side Eye: Essential

Toby Morris reconnects with Tasia, essential worker.

An unwanted intrusion: Grief during isolation

Grief is an unwanted guest at the best of times, none more so than when you can’t actually have guests.

State of Undress: The perilous post-lockdown future of New Zealand fashion

The pandemic will have a deadly effect on the local industry, writes a former FQ editor – but NZ fashion was already in a fragile state.

The winners and losers of NZ’s post-lockdown economy (and how the losers might win too)

The weight of Covid-19 will be very unequally distributed. Duncan Greive writes about where it will land, and how those it hits might come out from under it.