The rampant transphobia of Mrs. Brown’s Boys

Inexplicable blockbuster sitcom Mrs. Brown's Boys returns to TVNZ tonight. Jean Sergent writes about the show's transphobia, and we as a culture need to do better.

The Real Pod: Badgelor goes bonkers and The Block NZ is the pits

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

The Block NZ, week 10: Welcome to Sheep World, humans

Just when you thought The Block NZ had thrown everything at us, Mark Richardson uttered the immortal words: “Welcome to Sheep World”.

A bump in the night: Stephen King hits TV with Castle Rock

The Stephen King super-series hits Lightbox in its entirety tonight, and thankfully, it's come with A Plan and An Answer to all its mysteries.

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Announcing Get It to Te Papa: our televised quest to get under-appreciated Kiwi treasures into the national museum

Two years ago, Spinoff founder Duncan Greive commanded Hayden Donnell to stop pitching things that should be in Te Papa. Today we announce our new show, Get It to Te Papa, starring Hayden Donnell.

The Bachelor AU, week 4: The Queen Bees lose their Honey

Week four arrives full throttle with our most intense the Bachelor Australia episodes yet giving the producers almost more air time than the Honey Badger himself.  

The Secret Life of Girls is the perfect wholesome reality show

Combining the social dynamics of Survivor and the hidden cameras of Big Brother with a cast of Kiwi five-year-olds, The Secret Life of Girls is the perfect reality show.

Trust no one: A tribute to The X-Files on its 25th birthday

One megafan's love letter to the groundbreaking sci-fi TV series The X-Files, which turns twenty-five today

How NZ’s queer and women comics are changing the scene

Our queer and women comics have been charging hard ahead and spotlighting the industry's issues with gender and sexuality.

The Real Pod: We went on The Block and Duncan went on a Segway

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

All Blacks vs The Warriors: The official Spinoff guide to what to watch

In a case of terrible timing, one set of The Boys are playing at the same time as the other set of The Boys this weekend.

The Block NZ, week 9: A David Seymour appears

We’ve hit the arse end of The Block NZ like a human Birdman belly-flopping into the ocean. It’s Kitchen and Dining week!

The Bachelor AU, week 3: The Sunshine sets

Fifteen to thirteen. The Bachelor AU roars into week three, armed with a guitar, a hot air balloon and a Bali-based jewellery business.

New to Lightbox: Tea with the Ocean’s 8 Dames at Castle Rock

This month on Lightbox you can raid the Met Ball with Sandra Bullock, visit Castle Rock with Melanie Lynskey or just have some good ol' tea with four dames.

The best moments of The Simpsons, as chosen by the cast (of the NZ show)

It's one of the the longest-running television shows of all time – but what do people remember about it? The cast of the post-apocalyptic madcap theatre show based on The Simpsons weighs in.

Kids in the hallway: the complete history of TVNZ U

It was a world first that fostered some of our finest young talent, so what the hell happened to TVNZ U? Five years since its closure, Alex Casey takes a look back at the little youth channel that could.