From countess to future princess: playing six degrees of separation with Lightbox

It takes a certain kind of obsessive mindset to want to play six degrees of separation – even more so to try and link fictional nobility to soon-to-be-actual royalty. Sam Brooks did it, and did it with Lightbox shows.

The Epic Spinoff Oscars Live Blog

It's the day of everybody's favourite celebrity GIF generator: The Oscars. We'll be here from 2PM to discuss this year's Academy Awards as they happen in real time.

Five hidden gems tucked away on TVNZ Ondemand

Over the years, TVNZ’s Ondemand service has spat out some pretty weird offerings. Alex Casey brings us the best of whats hidden on the homegrown streaming service.

The official Spinoff property survey of the Shortland Street suburb of Ferndale

Shortland Street expert Tara Ward finds the best – and worst – places to live in the mythical Auckland suburb of Ferndale.

Television Archive

You’re the Worst is the best love story on television right now

The tar-black anti-rom-com You're the Worst hits Lightbox today. Sam Brooks explains why the show is the most authentic, beautiful and relatable romance on television today.

Throwback Thursday: Did Dave Dobbyn write the greatest New Zealand TV theme song?

What is the greatest New Zealand TV theme song ever written? Our search continues with a long forgotten Dave Dobbyn masterpiece from 1989.

Is The Wall going to destroy the golden summer of The Chase?

Calum Henderson watches The Wall, the new extravagant quiz show that might just outrun The Chase. 

The Real Pod: MAFS Australia just clocked reality TV

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Bargain: cancelled TVNZ drama Filthy Rich has joined Trademe to sell some very fancy stuff

The Filthy Rich TradeMe account reveals an embarrassment of riches, discovers Alex Casey. 

The Real Pod BONUS EPISODE: A chat with one of the greatest US Bachelorettes of all time

In this very special bonus episode of The Real Pod, Jane Yee and Alex Casey sit down with Olivia Caridi from season 20 of The Bachelor US. 

A villain from The Bachelor US dishes the dirt on UnREAL

Ahead of UnREAL season three arriving exclusively to Lightbox tomorrow, Olivia Caridi from The Bachelor US takes us behind the curtain of reality romance.

Hunted: the show turning ordinary Brits into wanted fugitives

Ten Brits run around the countryside being chased down by investigators (and also a camera crew) in order to win £100,000. Don Rowe watches the show and finds the hunting bizarre and, quite frankly, lacking in actual hunting.

A daughter remakes her mother’s iconic TV series

Gemma Gracewood talks to her sort-of-sister Elisabeth Easther, the host of new TV One series Islands of the Gulf, in which Easther revisits her mother’s trailblazing documentary series.

Can you survive Jordan Mauger’s ‘douchey’ return to The Bachelor?

Our local Bachelor exports have finally made it to the international stage in The Bachelor Winter Games, but at what cost to the nation? 

Community’s 10 weirdest episodes… ever

It was one of the most critically acclaimed cult shows of the late-00s, and it's coming to Lightbox today. Tara Ward runs down Community's most gloriously wackadoo episodes.

Jeremy Wells went on a date with Judith Collins last night

Alex Casey recaps the first political speed date on Seven Sharp, wherein Jeremy Wells wooed Judith Collins in the TVNZ foyer.