The most brutal shade thrown by the Dancing with the Stars judges this week (WATCH)

Sometimes the judges on Dancing with the Stars can be just a little bit rough. Need proof? We've rounded up all this week's meanest comments about celebrities moving around the dance floor.

Dancing with the Stars NZ Power Rankings: Another star bites the dust

It's week three but it feels like we've never had a world without Dancing with the Stars. We're down one Real Housewife™ but there are still 11 contestants left.

Blessed be the fruit: A return to Gloriavale in a Handmaid’s Tale world

The heavenly flock of Angel, Dove, Mercy and others is back, happy as ever in blue, but this time in a documentary mini-series.

Survivor NZ recap, week 4: Who does the Infinity War fade away?

It’s been a huge week on Survivor NZ. The game is really heating up and absolutely no one is safe.

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Funny Girls Friday: The Virgin Mary gets an unwelcome gift

With Funny Girls returning to Three tonight at 9.45pm, we bless ye with an exclusive clip from tonight's episode.

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: We’ve been sent good weather… or have we?

Alex Casey dissects episode four of The Handmaid’s Tale, including tense baby showers and a walk down memory lane. Contains spoilers, obviously.

Coronation Street is about to quantum leap into the present day

There's some huge Coronation Street news: New Zealand is in for a hardcore catch up. A shaken Tara Ward explains what's happening.

The Real Pod: Another week of ‘bum bum’ dancing on the telly

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Sightsee darling: How to travel like Joanna Lumley

Patsy Stone visiting two of the most beautiful places in the world? Sold! Tara Ward watches Joanna Lumley's TWO travel series which you can watch on Lightbox right now.

Dancing with the Stars NZ Power Rankings: The kiss of death for the first celeb

It's week two on Dancing with the Stars and one star must combust. Sam Brooks and Alex Casey power rank the contestants with varying levels of expertise and insight.

Survivor NZ recap, week 3: A villain emerges

Who finds the immunity idol, what is gay, and who is this season's villain? Week three of Survivor NZ has your answers.

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: Blessed be the fruit loops

Alex Casey dissects episode three of The Handmaid's Tale, including cereal gags, serious twists and a Gwen Stefani cameo, of all things. 

New to Lightbox in May: Plucky teens, guerrilla armies and Joanna Lumley

British miniseries galore, Joanna Lumley travelogues, plucky teens putting on a musical about 19th Germany – May on Lightbox has got it all. Sam Brooks and Alex Casey run down what's coming to Lightbox this month.

The Real Pod: In which the return of Dancing With the Stars NZ is extremely good

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

Dancing with the Stars NZ: the essential cut-out-and-keep office sweepstake kit

Light up your bleak office life with our cut-out-and-circulate Dancing with the Stars NZ Sweepstake kit.