Survivor NZ, week twelve: One checkout, one blindside

The final tribal council is inching closer and closer with just a few weeks left in the game, and the twists, turns and blindsides just keep on coming.

And we’re off! Previewing this season on The Block NZ

Tonight, four enthusiastic New Zealand couples begin their journey along the giblined highway to renovation glory. 

You got your Dancing with the Stars judges in my real estate ad

Is it a real estate ad if you see more of the Dancing with the Stars judges than you see of the house? Our DWTSNZ power-ranker Sam Brooks investigates.

Handmaid’s Tale recap: One step forward, two steps back

Love is patient, love is kind, love is not knowing what beautiful nightmares await us in next week’s season finale.

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Heartbreak Island Power Rankings: Tears in dolphin heaven

Alex Casey goes for a stroll on the foot-shaped sands of Heartbreak Island, week four.

Murder has never been more delightful than on Father Brown

Jam and Jerusalem. Bells and Smells. Tea and Cakes. Murder and Intrigue. Four of the classic double acts. And they all come together in the delightful investigation series Father Brown, five glorious seasons of which are available for your leisurely winter viewing on Lightbox.

The Real Pod: Surviving the last dance of heartbreak on… The Block

The Real Pod assembles to dissect the week in New Zealand pop culture and real life, with special thanks to Nando’s.

New to Lightbox: Katherine Heigl comes to Suits and UnREAL returns

Alex Casey, Sam Brooks and Madeleine Chapman round up the new content coming to Lightbox this month, including the return of TV juggernauts Suits and UnREAL. 

The definitive and final post-season Dancing with the Stars power ranking

Who won the season – really? And who truly, truly lost the season? And who the hell is in between? Sam Brooks power ranks Dancing with the Stars one last time.

Dancing with the Stars, final week: And the winner is…

It's the final dance off, fully voted on by the public – and here are your final power rankings. Dancing with the Stars, it is over.

Survivor NZ, week 11: A chocolate feast you can’t turn your back on

We’re into the 11th week of Survivor NZ, and this game is only getting crazier. Luke Harries recaps all the action, including a new immunity idol, a chocolate feast, and non-blindside strategies.

‘We have a gay agenda we’ll never drop’: Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson on The Male Gayz

Chris Parker and Eli Matthewson's hit podcast The Male Gayz is now a thing you can look at with your eyeballs, thanks to TVNZ on Demand.

The Handmaid’s Tale recap: Help us Oprah, you’re our only hope

A birth, an Oprah, a Serena, a Moira, a denial, a denial, a denial. Tara Ward recaps episode 11 of The Handmaid's Tale, season 2.

Heartbreak Island Power Rankings: The love boat hits muddy waters

Alex Casey goes for a stroll on the foot-shaped sands of Heartbreak Island, week three.

From Terrence Malick to Magic Mike: The hidden gems in the Lightbox Movies catalogue

Lightbox Movies has a huge selection of movies to choose from, but film geek Sam Brooks is most excited about the obscure, hard-to-find and objectively best ones.

Live from the arena of rhinestone grandeur, it’s Dancing with the Stars

You might not know that Dancing with the Stars NZ is actually filmed in front of a live studio audience. This week Miriam Moore was a member of that audience, and this is her story